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FitBit Woes!

on September 1, 2016

I LOVE September 1st! I know that officially fall doesn’t start until later this month, but in my spirit it has started now. That means crunching leaves, cooler weather, fireplace time and football are all around the corner. 🙂 I’m particularly excited about the cooler weather as I hit longer and longer runs for my training!
TemptingClearly Panera knows I’m running long this month. Free bagels? Yum! I confess, many a binge has involved Panera so I actually avoid their bagels and bread, but I may send Darrell with my card to get me one of those post-long run.

I’m having FitBit woes and need some advice. I’ve had a FitBit Charge since Christmas (replacing my very old, but reliable FitBit One). It’s already been replaced once because the button broke. This week, while I was at work, it just blacked out and stopped working despite being fully charged. When I plugged it back at home, it flashed like crazy. Clearly something is wrong. This the second one of these I’ve had in less than a year. I am not pleased. I’m crazy busy at work this week and get tons of steps and stairs that are not counting. Boo!

I’ll contact FitBit and they’ll probably offer me a new one (which they did last time) but I don’t know if I want to stick with this particular product given how poorly it has held up so far.
FitBit woes
What’s your current favorite activity monitor? I just got a bigger bonus than I was expecting at work, so I may treat myself to a new activity monitor rather than replacing this one (in addition to other more practical and more philanthropic things, promise). I love FitBit’s customer service and loved my FitBit One but this particular product isn’t up to snuff.



2 responses to “FitBit Woes!

  1. Do you have a Garmin watch already? I just got the 235 and it is awesome. Not only is it a GPS watch, it tracks HR, resting HR, sleep, steps, syncs with notifications on your phone. It’s awesome. But, it is around $300 (every once in a while they will do a sale for $250). Hope this helps!

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