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Fall Racing Plans

on August 31, 2016

I’m a day off in posting this week. Yesterday was my usual Monday wrap up and today is Tuesday on the Run: Fall Racing Plans. On a Wednesday. Details, details.

It’s turning out to be a fall with lots of races, even though I didn’t have plans to do a lot of racing this year. I might actually end up with 100 miles of races again this year at this rate.

I have one big race weekend that I’m training for this fall, the I-35 challenge in October. I’ll run the Kansas City Half Marathon on Saturday and the Des Moines Half Marathon on Sunday. That’s why I’ve been training with back to back long runs for the last month or so. The Kansas City Half is going to be REALLY hilly. Check out this elevation map from the race’s website:
Elevation mapIt’s supposed to be really scenic with all of those hills, but that’s definitely going to be an adventure with another half coming 24 hours later! Needless to say, those won’t be speedy half marathons but the challenge will be finishing both of those races in one weekend. I can do it! (I think)

All of my other races this fall are actually just races that I’ll do for fun to keep things interesting with my training. It’s nice to mix in some races for training miles. I don’t have to worry about finding a place to get in the miles, I don’t have to carry water and it breaks up the monotony of runs in the suburbs.

  • Peak 2 Peak 10 mile: Here in Omaha next weekend. I’ve run this twice before. This will be the first time I’ve run this as a point to point race. It was originally designed a point to point race from one Peak Performance location (local running store) to another. For the last two years, it hasn’t worked that way because of trails repairs, but this year is back to normal. I’ve never run a point to point race before, so this should be interesting! I have 9/10 miles back to back next weekend on the training schedule for the I-35 challenge, so this will be a training run more than a race. My run here two years ago was one of my best ever races, though, so I’m fond of this event.
Love the colors on this year's medal!

Love the colors on the 2015 medal!

  • St Vincent Cancer Run/Walk Challenge: A 5K in Zionsville, IN. I’m visiting my oldest and best friend that weekend and this will be her first 5k! Excited to run it with her 🙂
  • Jazz Half Marathon: I’ll be in New Orleans on October 29 for work and was scheduled to run 10 miles that day. Thanks to Tricia, I also now know that there’s a half marathon in town that day. I’m more than willing to run an extra three miles (slowly don’t worry!) to be able to have somewhere safe to run, with a cleared and defined route and water stops. Bonus: costumes, so lots of people watching, and a medal.
  • Good Life Halfsy: Half marathon in Lincoln the first weekend in November. I have 15 miles on the training plan that day, which would officially be my longest run ever. Holy cow – I’m officially in marathon training territory after the I-35 challenge! I decided to take advantage of this race to get in 13+ miles and will get the extra two miles as my warm up. It’ll be kind of fun to get to celebrate my longest ever run with a medal at the end. Even if that medal will technically be for the half marathon, for me it’ll be for setting a new distance PR. 🙂

It’ll be a fun fall with more races that I was originally planning. Turns out, I’m a sucker for the fun and camaraderie of a race.

Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting our Tuesdays on the Run link-up!

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2 responses to “Fall Racing Plans

  1. What??? I can not wait to see you in NOLA!!! This is awesome!! We will talk later about this! 🙂

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