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Downsizing race memorabilia

on August 23, 2016

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is race memorabilia: What do you do with it? Thanks as always to Patty, Marcia and Erika for hosting!

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When I first started running (4 years ago this week!), I kept EVERYTHING. I even have rocks somewhere that I picked up on those first runs. I kept everything I got with my very first race and was so proud to wear that first Commitment Day tee to the gym to work out.

In the last year, I’ve finally started letting go of some things. A) I’m accumulating too much of it – I’ve done LOTS of races now and B) I’m finally convinced that this is an on-going part of my life, not a brief period I need souvenirs for. I’ve always been good about tossing things like race programs and other things that come in the packet at pick up, but tee shirts are a different story. I have a ton of race shirts that I never wear and if I’m honest, most of them are not meaningful enough to me that I wanted to make a quilt out of them or anything like that.

If it is a tech shirt, I usually keep it because I can use them to work out. I wore this one (plain but surprisingly comfy for running!) this morning.

Not a very exciting shirt (and not half marathon specific) but at least the colors are good.

Not a very exciting shirt (and not half marathon specific) but at least the colors are good.

I wear some of my Disney shirts as casual wear rather than running wear because they’re so cute, especially the Star Wars shirts. Oliver’s “art shirt” at school is an old race tee shirt of mine, too. I made myself go through my big drawer of race shirts critically this summer and donate everything I don’t wear, which turned out to be a LOT of shirts. I only kept shirts that were cute/comfy enough to wear casually and of course that first race shirt.

What else do I keep?

  • Bibs: I write my time, the race and the date on the back and keep them in a binder (slipped into those clear sheet covers – easy peasy). I have O’s in there too, with his approximate times. 🙂
Every finish should be celebrated!

Every finish should be celebrated!

  • Medals: I love my medals. I look at them and they make me smile. They hang in my little closet-office as a reminder of fun times and hard work. I confess that I do struggle a bit with where to hang them, because there’s no where in our house that feels like a good place to hang mementos of such personal achievements. Any one else have that struggle?


I also keep anything that’s practical, like water bottles, drinking glasses and socks. I’m looking forward to the Peak 2 Peak 10 mile race next month because they always give practical mementos!

What do you do with your race memorabilia? What even counts as race memorabilia anyway? If we counted the safety pins, I have about a million that are all over my house and car!




12 responses to “Downsizing race memorabilia

  1. lachicaruns says:

    I’ve been displaying my bibs and medals, but some of my favorite items have been glasses and even a silver charm that I get to wear all the time. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I still wear all my Disney shirts. Casual too for the most part. I want to make a blanket eventually but not until I stop wearing them.

  3. The shirts are hit and miss for me…the majority of them don’t get worn (and if they’re cotton? GONE). I have my medals on a rack (near the kitchen). The bibs, though not on display, are on a binder ring nearby.

  4. mkadens1 says:

    I keep my medals in the basement in my workout room. Away from the eyes of non runners who may be critical. I have some haters. ; )

  5. Happy 4 years running! That’s exciting. ❤

  6. GReat idea with the bibs. I usually throw mine out. Oops. I have my medals in the basement on display. The boys have their medals in their room.

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