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Weekly Wrap Up: First week of school!

on August 22, 2016

Big day!I officially have a kindergartner. Gulp.

I know that this phase of training is targeted as much at the back to back half marathons of the I-35 challenge as much as it is the marathon, but I spent a lot of time this weekend reading recaps of prior Walt Disney Marathons and getting excited! And a little intimidated if I’m honest! I think I may need to read some of those every weekend just to keep myself motivated when the going gets tough!

This week was pretty good. I missed one run, but otherwise got in my miles (11 total instead of the 14 on the plan), cross training (three times) and strength training (twice), plus some yoga. I ended the week with legs that feel like they’re getting the hang of this running thing again.


Monday I got in a good 30+ minutes of hilly walking back and forth to Oliver’s school for open house. I gotta tell you, seeing my baby’s name on a kindergarten desk was a jolt. I know this is the best for him, but I also know time is going to fly now and before I know it, I’ll have a kid going to college. Thanks to all of these emotions, I slept horribly.

Tuesday I was up really early (thanks to the poor night of sleep) and ready to go run 3 miles. Unfortunately, it was storming. It made for a gorgeous view of the sun trying to rise beyond the storm, but there was enough lightning and thunder that I had to scrap the run. Oh for a treadmill at home!
Gorgeous but stormy morning

I planned on getting in a treadmill run at the gym before I picked up O, but ended up with a horrible migraine and had to settle for a walk instead as I could barely keep from throwing up. Sigh. I blame that poor night of sleep.

Wednesday 3+ miles of walking and the official first day of kindergarten. My kiddo didn’t even look back, which made me proud and heartbroken at the same time. I’m so glad he’s loving it though – we definitely did the right thing getting him in a little early (his birthday is just past the Nebraska cut off). He got a “smiley” on his school work during this first week and told me so proudly that he got that because he “did a GREAT job” and pointed out to me how carefully he’d colored to answer the questions. Sigh. My guy is totally in love with school. He even said his favorite thing about the first day was homework!
First "graded" schoolwork

Fingers crossed that he keeps this love of school. I suspect he will since his mom is a big geek too. I’m grateful it was a smooth start for him.

Thursday I was determined to get my run done since I’d missed Tuesday’s and I’m happy to say that I hauled myself out of bed for 3 miles. Woo hoo!

Friday Strength training and some yoga stretches

Saturday Four miles in the afternoon – thank goodness it’s cool enough this week that it wasn’t brutally hot to be out there at 4! I’m getting old, guys, and tweaked my back putting a freaking jelly jar in the recycling Saturday morning. Sigh. Some stretching got things worked back out enough that I could run Saturday. I also decided this was a sign that I needed more strength training, especially core work, so I got that in.

Sunday Four more miles and my fastest miles of the week! I attribute this to the fact that I was wearing my freshest shoes (and maybe, just maybe, that I’m remembering how to run). This run felt good.

I got a bonus workout in as I had to chase Oliver’s basketball through my neighborhood Sunday morning. Omaha is hilly and that thing rolled down hill LITERALLY a quarter of a mile, around two 90 degree turns, before I caught it. My brilliant son thought it was a good idea to throw his basketball at the hockey puck he’d also lost in the road, to keep the hockey puck from rolling anywhere. Boys. Sigh.

All in all a good week. While my food choices weren’t perfect, they were better and I finished the week feeling good about my improvement. My NSV is leaving lots of things unfinished this week that just weren’t worth it or when I recognized I was full. HUGE victory for me.

My good deeds this week have largely been of the donation variety, but I feel helpless to do more to help my home state. Louisiana is tough and her people are amazing, but this is a lot.

This week, I have 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, a brief work trip out of town (overnight only thankfully!) and long runs of 8 and 9 miles on Saturday and Sunday. I need to remember to wear my compression socks after those long runs! That really helped back in the Rebel Challenge training phase. Other than that, my goal this week is to navigate the food choices at my work meeting as best I can and avoid too much drinking. My social anxiety makes me drink too much sometimes, which leads to bad food choices in addition to all of those unnecessary alcohol calories.

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap up

Do you find race reports to be motivating? I love them, especially if there are tons of pictures!



8 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: First week of school!

  1. I like brief reports, sometimes they can get too long for me, LOL. Hugs to you in regards to your little…I have a junior and a 5th grader now! Yikes!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Great week of training! And ha! I had to laugh at throwing a basketball to stop the hockey puck! Aw, what emotions you must be feeling to have your son start school.

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    I like the picture of O walking to school in the early morning light! All grown up. I’m glad he likes school. That’s a good thing! You had a strong week of training. I can’t believe you’ve got two long back to back runs coming up this weekend. What training plan are you following? Thanks for linking, Jessica!

  4. You had great variety in your workouts this week. So glad to hear your little one is loving school too.
    One of my weaknesses is alcohol calories. Some of my fav drinks I will not look up the calories for fear I may stop drinking them! sigh… Sending fresh and speedy legs for both your long runs this weekend! Have a great one Jessica!

    • Alcohol calories are hard because they tend to snowball so easily. I’ve got another trip to New Orleans coming up around Halloween – thank goodness I have a long run to do while I’m there, so it’ll keep me a little well behaved. 🙂

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