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Weekly Wrap Up: Blisters ?!

on August 15, 2016
It feels weird to still be encountering “firsts” when I’ve been running for several years now (coming up on my run-i-versary!) and this was definitely not a good first: My first blisters! How I have run for 4 years now (4!?!) without a significant blister issue is a mystery to me, but this weekend I actually had to stop my run because of a huge blister on my heel. Ouch! Now I’m not sure how to handle the rest of my runs this week. Any tips?

Thankfully, my heroes came to my rescue midrun with new shoes, new socks and BodyGlide. There’s a grumpy Oliver behind that window because I interrupted his “Mama’s running – time for TV” time. I think the problem was with the socks. They were a pair of Balegas that I don’t like and actually thought I’d thrown out. Now they’re trashed and I’ll stick to my tried-and-true Feetures socks. Definitely stick with what works for your particular feet!


Cross-training: Walking on several evenings, which is becoming O’s new favorite thing. It’s great to get all of us out of the house! I also did yoga on Saturday after my run, which was nice (as was my post-run nap! That’s cross training, right?)
Walks around the block always end with a race

Strength training: Only once this week, which definitely is something I need to work on. I’ve written it into my to-do list for two days this week, which will hopefully help. I need someone to follow me around and poke me until I get my strength training done each week.

Runs: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I woke up for 30 minutes of easy runs. This week, my running goal is to both speed up my morning routine and my pace on these runs enough to get three miles in each of these days.

Saturday, I did 7 miles and noticed at around mile 1.5 that I had an irritated spot developing on my heel. It got bad enough that I slowed to a walk and called Darrell and Oliver to the rescue. I’m not sure if it was smart to keep going, but I was determined to get my run done so I headed back out to finish 7 miles once I had new shoes and socks and things were much easier. The blister is a little bigger than a quarter, over my Achilles tendon on the right. Grrrr. At least I got my run done though, right?

Saturday morning, we were out for breakfast and at the table next to us, a woman was coming in to meet her family after finishing a 20 mile run (as I overheard from her husband proudly telling the waitress). When she came in, I congratulated her and said I couldn’t imagine running that far but would be trying it soon since I was going to run my first marathon soon. She said she couldn’t have imagined 20 miles 6 weeks ago, but you’ve gotta trust the training and it works. I’m grateful for this boost of motivation and good advice!

Sunday, I did 7.5 miles and put a band-aid and BodyGlide all around the blister. It didn’t rupture or cause any pain, which was good, but I was definitely babying it a bit which caused some foot pain until I figured out how I’d altered my gait. The bigger issue with this run was chafing under my bra strap, which I’ve had with my Moving Comfort bra the last two times I’ve worn it for long runs. I’ve worn these for years without trouble! I don’t know if it is the weight I’ve regained or if there’s a change to the styling of these bras (as the one that has been causing trouble is new in the last couple of months), but my back is raw. I didn’t have any trouble with the Soma sports bra on Saturday’s 7 miles, so I think I may have to switch to those for at least a while.

14.5 miles over two days and none the worse for wear other than the chafed spot and the blister, which is pretty awesome. My muscles feel fine, which is fantastic. I need to remember the things I learned from my back-to-back race training for the Star Wars races and stay diligent about yoga, stretching, foam rolling and fueling after these weekend long runs. I also have to keep reminding myself that this is really the base of my marathon training, so staying injury-free is of paramount importance here!

Quieter birthday celebrations

I’ve had lots of treats in my life for the last two weeks, with Oliver’s actual birthday and his birthday party, plus work celebrations. Thankfully, that’s all done now and I can focus on cleaning things up to better support my training. My NSV this week was immediately packing up the leftovers of Oliver’s second birthday cake (a smaller, less elaborate double chocolate chip cookie skillet cake for just the family on his actual birthday) and sending them to work with Darrell. Temptation removed! Even better, all of our M&Ms went with that cake. M&M’s aren’t exactly high quality fueling and yet they’re oh-so-tempting. Better to get them out of the house! We can count all of the goodies I’ve shared with Darrell’s job as my good deed this week. Really, my good deeds lately have been lots of little thank yous and door openings and litter gathering, but that’s okay because of the little things add up to good things.

All in all, I’d give week two of marathon training a solid B+, even with the blister. Points off for the lack of strength training, but otherwise I feel good and feel like I’m settling back into the groove of training. Bring on week three, with strength training, better food choices and longer weekday runs!

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our link up!
weekly wrap up
Any advice for running with a blister?
**Please send all of your good vibes and any resources you may have to help the thousands who have been displaced and injured in the floods in Louisiana. So many have lost so much and I cannot imagine how terrifying this time for them. Here are links to ways you can help:
How to help Louisiana flood victims (CNN)
How to help victims of Louisiana’s historic flooding (nola.com)
How to help Louisiana flooding victims and families (IBTimes.com)
Always evaluate any charity carefully, as there are unfortunately many who take advantage of good intentions during these times. All of you affected have my prayers and my thoughts. I cannot imagine what this is like for you and hope that the water stops rising and recovery starts soon.




14 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Blisters ?!

  1. Wow! That’s all I can say. Wow!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I’ve never had a blister from running either but have gotten them a lot from hiking and/or just walking in vacation. Moleskin is my go-to for them! Great job this week!

  3. I agree wih Jennifer, moleskiin is your best friend. I bet it was the socks and maybe the humidity? you still dealing with that? Wet, sweaty feet are blister breeders!

    Sorry about your sports bra. That just sucks. Body glide that crap and here’s hoping the soma treats you better.

    Awesome job with packing up the snacks. I have leftover cupcakes from my sister’s birthday that thankfully my husband has eaten.

  4. It’s all about the socks, ’bout those socks, no trouble… To the tune of “All About That Bass” 🎵

    I bet your Feetures socks will do the trick! I had blister troubles in my May marathon because of sock issues. Totally stinks! Take time to recover and don’t pop them. At least that’s what I’ve been told but it’s tempting when you can hardly walk 😥

  5. I was almost with you, I had not encountered my first blister until my marathon and it really wasn’t even that bad. So I cant’ help you on the tips to do from here on out. It is just awful about all the flooding in LA, they are our neighbors and we have FB friends we see first hand just how awful it is. Right on the other hand, we are seeing so many come together to help those in need. Our community is getting together supplies to take today actually. I just pray it gets to those who need it!

  6. HoHo Runs says:

    I have never developed a blister during training. But after developing a few nasty, huge ones during half marathons (wearing Feetures!), someone turned me on to Trail Toes. Love that stuff. I never race without putting it on all my hotspots. It will eliminate bra chafing too. Anywhere. Everywhere. You had a great week of training, regardless. Happy Birthday to O! Thanks for linking, Jessica!

  7. Noemi says:

    I experience the same chafing every time I run for more than like 20 minutes… I found some stick called Bodyglide in a runners’ store but then turned towards a gel called 2 Toms, as I found the stick a little “dirty” after the first usage…

    There’s also a blog (heres the link: http://antichafing.net/) where all sorts of products are reviewed and where you can filter whats best for you 🙂

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