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Running Jargon: A whole new language?

on July 19, 2016

When I first started running, I spent a lot of time diving into all of the jargon that comes along with runners just so I’d feel like I could keep up with the conversation. Turns out, I really don’t ever use much of that jargon, but knowing some of it helps with reading about running and I do A LOT of reading about running.

Here are some great places to get started to learn the jargon:

Runners World Glossary of Running Terms

Greatist Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo

My favorite for newbies: Runners World A Guide to Common Running Terms

Also, I love running books so check out my books tab to the right or linked here for reviews of a bunch of books to help you figure out what people are talking about.

Most running terminology is pretty self-explanatory. Hill repeats? Just what they sound like. Likewise for speedwork. It took me a while to get the hang of talking about pace (as in how many minutes it takes you run a set distance) rather than MPH like the treadmill reports, but now that is second nature. I confess I still have to go back to my Hanson’s to refresh my memory about aerobic and anaerobic and all of that stuff (great resource for explaining those!). Fartlek is possibly my favorite running word but I rarely use it. Instead I just talk about “pick ups.” Tempo is another favorite, mostly because everyone seems to define tempo pace as something different.

It is helpful to know the abbreviations so “DFL beats DNS” mean something. 🙂 I think the only abbreviation I personally ever use is “PR” although these days it is more in the sense of a distance PR than a time PR. Still counts though! (PR = personal record)

I had a student once offer to be my “rabbit” and I was a little confused by that one. I looked it up (on the Greatist list above) and thankfully she’s not crazy – just fast for short distances and offering to help be a pacer.

I’m excited because I may be running with a friend for her first 5K in Indianapolis this summer – who knows what new running terms I may get to explain to her as she trains, that I may have forgotten about now that I’m an “old” runner.
Thanks as always to Patty, Marcia and Erika for hosting our link up! So far this morning, I’ve enjoyed seeing some runner slang that I’d never encountered before!
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PS – Since this post didn’t really lend itself to a photo that I could think of, instead check out my big kid with his kindergarten backpack:
Growing up too fast

As his Nana said, if we put anything heavier than pencils in that thing he’ll tip over like a turtle. It’s so big on his little shoulders! My baby is growing up.

And apparently something we should all be reading for a laugh: Runners of North America Sorry I missed book club this month Wendy!

4 responses to “Running Jargon: A whole new language?

  1. I have that glossary in the back of one of my Runner’s World book. It’s very helpful to new runners!

  2. I’ve used a rabbit at the end of a half marathon when I’m gunning for a specific time. Sometimes they even know they are my rabbit LOL.

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