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Reverse Bucket List

on July 7, 2016

Oliver is at an age where he is obsessed with the things he CAN’T do and I find myself constantly reminding him of the many things he CAN do. We all find ourselves falling into that trap sometimes, don’t we? I once saw the idea of a “reverse bucket list” in which you make note of all of the cool things you have done, instead of the things you one day hope to do. This summer I turn 38 and I’m finding myself thinking about the things I want to accomplish before I turn 40. To balance that out, it’s good to take some time to think about the cool things I have already done.

– I was interviewed on CNN (and “not for anything bad” as my mother put it).

– I wrote an actual entire book (about the brain and how it sees infection, for my academic work).

– I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone.

– I’ve run a half marathon (okay, several, but that first one still blows my mind).


– I married a fantastic man.


– I’m raising a pretty awesome little man.

– I’ve gotten lost in the hills of Tuscany.
– I’ve seen a moose in the wild in the mountains of Montana.
– I’ve hiked to the top of Pulpit Rock in Norway without falling off (more on that later!).
– I’ve been to Vegas and run the Golden Gate bridge and walked in Central Park.
– I’ve ziplined between mountains!
Swinging in mid air
– I’ve had the same best friend since I was 10 years old (I think that’s an accomplishment!).
– I’ve played the washboard on a stage with a band in New Orleans.
– I’ve danced on stage for money in too-tall, sparkly heels.
– I’ve mastered jambalaya, my signature dish.
– I’ve run in four countries and 24 states.
Not too shabby and I’ve hopefully got many good years in me to add to this list. πŸ™‚ I confess it was sort of fun to think of all of the cool things I’ve done instead of dwelling on the things I haven’t gotten to yet. Have you ever made a reverse bucket list?

4 responses to “Reverse Bucket List

  1. Meg B says:

    Sounds like some bad ass accomplishments to me!

  2. Anna says:

    Wow! What a fantastic idea! I am definitely going to work on mine. I can get lost in the “what I haven’t dones” and could use a good reminder. And I think we should know more about dancing on stage for money in those too tall sparkly heels πŸ™‚

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