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Celebrating 3 years of Maintenance

on July 6, 2016

This week, I’m celebrating three years of (relative) maintenance since losing over 100 pounds. I’ve learned a lot in this time.

I’ve learned that I’m a success, even if I’ve regained 20 pounds. I’m still beating the odds, which is terrifying and empowering all at once.

I’ve learned that this is a never ending process for me, literally, and I’ve got to be honest with myself about that or I’ll never succeed. I can’t pretend that there’s a “finish line” or an “after,” just a constantly improving “in progress.” Loving that “in progress” is the real success and I’ve definitely had a backslide in that self-love this year.

I need to remind myself more often of how far I've come.

I need to remind myself more often of how far I’ve come.

I’ve learned that reading articles in which people say that significant and lasting weight loss is impossible or impossible without surgery REALLY makes me angry and binge-y. Don’t tell me I’m fighting an impossible fight.

I’ve learned that I can’t keep homemade cookies in the house. Kryptonite I tell you. 🙂


I’ve learned that health is a bigger motivator than pants size, but pants size helps too. Yes, I’m shallow.

I’ve learned that this is hard, so hard, but worth it. My health is worth my time and energy and changing the way I move and the way I eat is so important for my health, no matter what is going on with my weight.

I’ve learned that I’m more sensitive to the way body feels now. I felt the last five pounds I gained before I buckled down earlier this month far more acutely than I ever felt such a “small” gain when I was heavier. That’s a good thing, but also a bad thing for my mental state. Self-love doesn’t come automatically with weight loss.

I’ve learned that the world is full of fantastic people to help you and cheer you along the way. Finding that tribe can help so much in drowning all of the negativity that’s out there (and inside here) when it comes to weight and body image and lifestyle choices. Thanks to all of you for being my tribe and keeping me in the fight for the last three years. I started blogging as I entered maintenance because I wanted the accountability writing provides and because I know that I myself was desperately looking for stories like mine when I needed to lose 100 plus pounds. I didn’t know how wonderful and motivating the support I’d find here would be. Thanks to all of you for getting me to this point! Here’s to another year of maintenance!

8 responses to “Celebrating 3 years of Maintenance

  1. Meg B says:


  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Congratulations on 3 years of successful maintenance! That’s a huge accomplishment that you deserve to be proud of!

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    What you did and what you continue to do is AMAZING.

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