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Tuesdays on the Run: Bizarre sights & events

on June 21, 2016

I haven’t really had any bizarre things that have happened on my runs, other than this weekend’s morbid run with sidewalks full of dead baby birds after the storm. I have certain slightly odd things that happen all too often though:

– I fall in creative ways, like my wipe out over my shoelaces just a couple of weeks ago and that time I flew through the air so much (thanks to ice!) that I actually came down and smacked my face on the road in addition to banging up my knee. Ouch! Thank goodness I don’t get many biomechanical injuries with my running because my clumsiness is enough of a risk for me!

– I’ve gotten lost far too many times, in my own neighborhood, when I’m traveling and memorably (and gorgeously) in Italy. At least during that episode, I met some really lovely ladies who were also lost in the hills of Tuscany!


– I’ve encountered every kind of weather on the run, I do believe, thanks to the craziness that is the Midwest. I’ve run in rain and snow and heat and hail, just like the postal service. I even finished a run just before a tornado hit – Definitely wouldn’t recommend that! I think the only thing I’m missing is a hurricane, but don’t worry – I won’t be heading out to find one of those to run in!


The fact that run in all kinds of weather probably ties into all of those falls, don’t you think?

I forgot about it until I was looking through pictures the other day for another post, but I did have a bizarre encounter in Italy with a blind dog that was some kind of miraculous guide for we poor lost tourists. I’d forgotten about him.

Meet Pablo.

Meet Pablo.

“I initially heard about Pablo from colleagues who also got lost along the same trail I took Wednesday. They told me about a blind dog who led them back to the right path and up into town. They learned his name because everyone in Barga apparently knew him.:) They were amazed at this weird cosmic experience of the dog who herded them along the right path despite the fact that they kept trying to go astray and the fact that his cataracts are so bad he can’t possibly see anything. Yesterday, when I went out for a little run, I took a little wrong turn along the way back and as I was wandering a bit trying to get re-oriented, I saw Pablo. I was incredibly reassured by the fact that he didn’t seem to feel the need to intervene with me like he did my colleagues and sure enough, I realized I could see the correct path. I’m glad I got to meet this canine guardian angel (and glad I got back on the right path!).”

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on a run?

Thanks as always to Erika, Patty and Marcia for hosting our link up!

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8 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: Bizarre sights & events

  1. We have plenty of chances for a hurricane if you wanna knock that off your bucket list come August or September! 😀

  2. I love Pablo! That is all. That’s a super cool story.

  3. Wow, just think, you out ran a tornado!

  4. mkadens1 says:

    Aw Pablo. Miracle dog. : ) I’ve got a hurricane in my bucket already. Hurricane Sandy was bearing down as I finished MCM then evacuated as fast as we could get out of Dodge.

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