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Isn’t hoarding race gear in the eye of the beholder?☺

on June 7, 2016

Today’s Tuesday on the Run topic is about gear: Are you a minimalist or a hoarder? I suspect my husband and I might have SLIGHTLY different answers to that question but I’m the one who gets to write here. Thanks as always to Patty, Marcia and Erika for hosting as always!

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In full disclosure, I do have a lot of gear for what is supposed to be a “cheap” hobby. In my defense, I blame the wide range of Nebraska weather. I have to be able to run in single digit weather and in 90 degree weather, which takes a lot of stuff. I confess, I also get sucked into pretty things at my local running store and am still attempting to figure out exactly what works best for me with water delivery particularly. I have a small water bottle I like, but am still shopping for the right thing for marathon training (suggestions?)

One thing I struggled with for a while was storing all of this stuff but I’ve finally settled on a system that works for me. I got an over-the-door shoe holder (thanks to Fairytales and Fitness for this idea from a long ago blog post of theirs – I think!) that I use for water bottles, earbuds, hats, etc in the foyer as I typically leave for runs through the front door. I also have a bench in the foyer that I use to store shoes and my winter gear (in the bins) so I don’t have to run all over the house looking for ear warmers, gloves, etc. It definitely helps me keep it all contained and makes it seem like I have less stuff.
Storage solutions
I did discover on this morning’s run that I need to add at least one more bit of running gear to my stash: I need to replace my headphones! Apparently they were a casualty of my fall on Sunday. Fortunately, everything else seems to be much better. My finger is out of the splint today and feeling pretty good other than being stiff and purple. Darrell and I did discover a new bruise I wasn’t aware of last night, but I think that may happen for a few days as new bruises work their way to the surface.
Something new for the birthday list I suppose
In defense of my running gear hoard, I tend to fill my birthday and Christmas lists with running stuff because that’s really my only hobby besides cooking and reading. As it’s a newer hobby than those other two, I think people just get excited to buy me something other than cookbooks. 🙂 Thus, I get lots of running gifts. Definitely not complaining! My birthday list this summer includes things to help me get ready for marathon training in the fall.

Any ideas for things I need to add my collection of running gear? There’s space in my storage systems for more stuff after all. 😉

4 responses to “Isn’t hoarding race gear in the eye of the beholder?☺

  1. lachicaruns says:

    I, too, use a shoe organizer inside the coat closet by the front door. Mine is see-through so I can easily know what’s where. I have other (OK, several other) spots for gear, including a sweater organizer that has all of my tops and bottoms, a drawer with other gear and all of my SmartWool socks, and a bunch of coats/jackets/hoodies hanging in my closet. But I don’t have a hoarding problem. Nope. Not at all.

  2. I’m impressed. Organization is just not my thing! My stuff is kinda— all over the place, which makes it important to have multiple items. LOL

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