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Weekly Wrap-Up: Ouch!

on June 6, 2016

It was a fairly uneventful week until yesterday, when I tripped over my shoelaces on my walk and had a spectacular (and public) crash in the middle of an intersection.  I’m a klutz, so this kind of thing happens to me often enough that my mother’s second question (after “are you okay”) was “Did you get up quickly?” I’m almost 40 years old, so no it wasn’t quick per se but at least I did get up by myself so that’s something.

I’ve got a fair amount of road rash on my knees, forearms, my inner thigh (not sure how that happened) and my palms, plus what I think is just a sprain in my left wrist and a seriously purple right ring finger. I think it’s just crushed a bit as it took the brunt of the fall. I want to vomit a bit if it touches anything, so it might be broken, but it’s okay in the splint and that’s all they typically do for this kind of crush fractures anyway. I promised Darrell I’d go get checked out if it doesn’t get better through the week. It’s okay, albeit awkward, so long as I keep the splint on so I think it’s fine. At least it was only my hand! Anything more would have put a serious cramp in my summer. That’s definitely the thing I’m grateful for this week.

Gratuitous cuteness of my breakfast date on Saturday

Because I was on call, workouts were a little scattered. I got in one run, the 5 miles at the Boys Town Memorial Day run, and a couple of walks in my hiking books including yesterday’s 4 mile hilly walk that resulted in my maiming. Let’s just say I learned a valuable lesson about how carefully I must tie my hiking boots. 🙂 I also did strength training throughout the week, a yoga session and got in lots of extra stairs while I was working. Not bad for a call week, all in all, but as I’m now 7 weeks out from the start of marathon training, I need to get a little more dedicated to my strength training and running plan I’d set for my off season here. I read something in Runners World this weekend that said only 5% of people starting their first marathon training plan actually get through their initial goal race (usually abandoning it somewhere through training), which is a sobering thought and makes me want to approach this is the best shape I can.

In terms of getting my diet back on track and my weight back down a bit, this week went well. I did a good job with avoiding night time snacking and with drinking more water. I also stuck to my plan of tracking everything, despite the fact that I kept grabbing handfuls of M&Ms from our candy dish. Yes, I tracked those. Sigh. My NSV for this week is telling Darrell that I needed to move those to the pantry so that I could keep my hands out of them. We recently moved them because we had to move our fish (long story) and I’ve gotten into a bad habit of grabbing them as I walk by. Now they’re out of sight and to break that habit a bit, one of my two little goals for this week is NO M&M’s. I rarely completely avoid foods, but this is a cycle that needs to stop. My other goal this week is to stick to my workout plan this week, as both diet and exercise are important for keeping me on track. I’ll have to swap out my planks and push-ups for other exercises I can do with my slightly maimed hands and arms, but I should still be able to get my lower body work done and some easy runs and walks.

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up!

weekly wrap up

Any other klutzes out there? I confess that as much as I’m grateful that I wasn’t more seriously hurt, I’m also grateful I didn’t smash the phone in my hand because that would have been inconvenient. I was carrying it (not looking at it) in my right hand and that’s actually why my right hand took so much of the damage – I apparently felt the need in that second to protect the phone more than my hand. Not the wisest, I know. 😉



10 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Ouch!

  1. OH NO! if you feel that you could vomit just by touching it, I’d go to the doctor. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I can’t believe you tripped and wiped out that bad! Ouch! I hope it gets better soon. But you’re right–good thing it wasn’t more serious. I think it was to ban the M&Ms. I do that when I start to feel I’m getting out of control with something. Overall a good week considering you were on call!

    • I’m a gifted klutz. Just having the M&Ms in the pantry has helped tremendously. I still walk by them but somehow I’m not tempted by them as much there. Whatever the reason, yesterday I was M&M free and that’s a win!

  3. Ouch! That sounds like a pretty rough fall. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    Oh wow! I’m glad you were not hurt any worse but do get that hand checked if it still hurts. Great jog of staying active and keeping track this week. I’ll start marathon training soon too. And, I’m already worried about how hot it’s going to be. Glad I’ll have some company 😊 Thanks for linking with us!

  5. I fall out of the camper pretty regular. Thank goodness for the “Oh S#%T” bar it has saved me from actually hitting a few times. So I do get this klutz part!

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