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Weekly Wrap-Up: Maybe a little TOO much taper

on May 9, 2016

I have a really bad habit of letting tapering go too far and not running at all once I finish my last “real” training run. This is not something I’d advise! Tapering means cutting back, not cutting out, your running. Oops! I think I’ve only done this well in one or two training cycles, where I kept up the runs as scheduled during taper time. This week was not one of those weeks. Between the travel at the beginning of the week, finishing up my research meeting in Baltimore, and then the crazy catch up from traveling once I got back to Omaha, I got lots of steps this week but only one run.

On the bright side, I did lots of walking this week and got a fun workout in Saturday when I ran around with Oliver before tee ball practice. We raced and played tag and red light-green light, having an all around good time. It’s interesting watching him play tee ball because he wants so badly to be good at it and like his perfectionist Mama, tries to avoid the parts he isn’t naturally as good at like hitting and catching. He’d run bases and throw all day if we let him. His coach is doing a nice job working with him on the techniques that will help with the batting and he’s made leaps and bounds with catching. It’s so amazing to watch little bodies develop.

Baseball time

I told him that I had to practice with the things I did too, like running in order to get better at it. I did finally get to practice that running thing again on Sunday, my one run of the week, in a 6 mile Mother’s Day gift to myself. Gotta love spring in Omaha – this guy gobbled at me the whole time I was going down the street!
TurkeyI got a nice 6 miles in before we headed out to brunch and more walking at the botanical gardens here in town. I love that we can be so active as a family now – very different from the old days when weekends were spent watching TV and playing video games. Definitely a huge NSV!

Mother's Day

I will say that all of those hills at the botanical garden after a 6 mile run left me with sore legs today, in that pleasantly “used” sense. I will be sure that this week includes some dedicated rolling and yoga time to be sure things are loose for Sunday’s half marathon. My goals for this half marathon are just to finish with a smile and feeling good. This race was primarily a motivation to keep me moving this spring and it served that purpose admirably! Who knows how long I would have let the winter weather to keep me indoors if I didn’t have something to train for. πŸ™‚ Right now, the weather looks pretty nice for a half marathon on Sunday but we’re still too far out to take much comfort in that. Fingers crossed it isn’t too hot! May can be very unpredictable.

I did a good deed last week that made me smile, because it was in recognition and thanks of an even bigger good deed that someone else I know is doing. To keep it a surprise, I can’t say more, but I will say it truly amazing to me how much love people find in themselves to give to those in need. People can be amazing.
Mother's Day at prekindergarten

Today I am grateful for the chance that I get to be Oliver’s mom. He’s an amazing little soul and I’m glad I was chosen to help guide him through life. I’m also grateful he thinks I’m 25 on our little Mother’s Day cards. His buddy James thought his mom was 62.

This week, I’ll run a couple of times to keep loose, stretch out with some yoga and foam rolling and enjoy the fact that I get to go run 13.1 miles for the fun of it this weekend. It’s a good life.

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap Up and looking forward to reading about everyone else’s weeks as spring racing season winds down.

weekly wrap up

Any big plans this week for you guys?

8 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Maybe a little TOO much taper

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I’m laughing at James saying his mom is 62. Ha! A 6-mile run followed by a fun day with the family sounds like a great Mother’s Day gift.

  2. What a sweet little boy! Ha… poor James’ mom! My oldest thinks I’m 3 (like him)… it’s a bit strange but I guess we’ll straighten that out later. 25 would be a good age with me! Happy belated Mother’s Day to you!
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

    • 25 isn’t bad. He usually thinks I’m younger than I really am and his dad is REALLY old. That always entertains me because I think Darrell looks younger than I do. I’ll take it though!

  3. It is always fun to hear how brutally honest our kids can be. 62 so funny! We played baseball with my family this past Sunday and boy was I sore in my back, abs and shoulders from hitting the ball.
    I bet your son is going to be a great ball player! Thanks for linking up with us.

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day Jessica. Ha! My kids used to tell everybody I was 29…for years. I finally had to set them straight. Your son is going to love playing baseball! I enjoy seeing how much progress my grandson has made. Wow, he is good! And, it’s such a fun sport to spectate at. I hope you have a wonderful half marathon this weekend. Thanks for linking with us.

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