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Weekly Wrap-Up with Unexpected Progress!

on May 2, 2016

Last week, I mentioned that my tempo workout was faster than I expected and Jennifer (of Dashing in Style) commented on how nice it was to see gains even when I’ve been taking training a little less seriously this time around. She’s so right! Even with a laid back approach to training, I’ve definitely seen the benefits of training this cycle. Yet another example of this? Yesterday I ran every step of 5K. Not a big deal to many, I know, but I’ve technically never done it. I ran everything but the water stops in ONE other race but never have I run every step. I ran a 5K in Baltimore yesterday and somehow ended up running it all (and in around 33 minutes – reasonable time for me!). I was amazed to see that my legs and lungs can totally do that when I let them. Training does pay off!


Monday Rest day, since I was running long close together because of my travel this week.

Tuesday 10.5 miles on the treadmill  – I moved my long run up from its usual spot on the weekend because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it done in Baltimore. Unfortunately, we were under thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings a lot last week, so I couldn’t run outside. Instead, I hit the treadmill at my gym with a goal of 11-12 miles. I cut it short at 10.5 because I was having a lot of foot pain, which is odd for me. I’m not sure if it something about my treadmill form (which I know gets off on long runs on the treadmill) or if it was because I was still feeling the 11 miles I’d run just a few days before. While my legs felt fine immediately after last Saturday’s 11 miles, I definitely felt those miles on my legs once I got to mile 7-8 on Tuesday! Other than the foot pain and tired legs, I felt fine with the 10.5 miles and feel good about my half marathon on May 15, knowing I have four good 10 mile or longer runs this training cycle.

Wednesday Rest day! I spent the part of my afternoon I’d planned to spend at the gym huddling in the hallway during a tornado warning (only touched down briefly – we’re all okay) so no workout.

Thursday Flying to Baltimore, so lots of airport walking. I made a regrettable dinner choice Thursday night in my hotel restaurant and ended up with reflux so bad I couldn’t run, but I walked the 3 miles on the schedule anyway.

My NSV this week is the fact that I threw away yucky airport cheese even though I was hungry for a snack. It tasted horrible but the old me would have eaten because a) I was traveling and tired, so of course the calorie rules are different right? and b) I’d paid for it. Instead, I threw it away and just ate the fruit. Big win!

Friday Hill workout on the treadmill to get ready for my hilly race course – six 3 minute hill intervals on the treadmill. I love hills because just when I think I can’t possibly move another step, it turns out that I CAN and then it’s over. Always a great feeling of accomplishment!

Saturday Lots of walking, but no runs.

Sunday I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a workout on Sunday – I had the option of a 4-5 mile run or a 3 mile tempo run, based on what was left on the training plan for the week. I decided on the 4 miles easy, since I was running a 5K that started about half a mile from the hotel, so an easy half mile out there followed by a little 5k and a half mile back would get me over 4 miles. I headed out without my Garmin both because I wasn’t planning on pushing the pace for tempo intervals and because it was raining. I surprised myself by settling into a steady run that I didn’t feel like stopping during the race and ran the three miles at a 10:41 pace, definitely my fastest tempo pace of this training cycle and it didn’t even feel hard! Amazing what a flat course will do for you. 🙂 I was even taking it carefully because it was rainy and slick on the bricks along the waterfront!

Dreary 5k

That was a great workout to officially end training and enter taper time on. I’ve got two weeks of tapering because my race on May 15 and I feel confident that I’m going to have a good time that day. It’s been a really pleasant training cycle! I think despite the lackadaisical approach, I’ve done well by sticking to my long runs and getting 4 good 10+ milers in, as well as at least one quality hill or speed or tempo workout every week.

My good deed this week has been saying lots of thank yous. I’m at a research meeting and I’m frankly embarrassed at how rude and abrupt many of the other attendees have been with the staff at the convention center. It’s appalling. I sort of want to tell them they aren’t as high and mighty as they think they are and even if they ARE, thank you is still appropriate. I’ve gotten lots of grateful smiles from staffers I’ve thanked and it’s a shame they aren’t getting that more often. I’m grateful that I have little eyes watching me at home that have really made me step up my manners game. Oliver is fantastic about saying please and thank you, which keeps us on our toes so we don’t screw up his good habits!

I’ve got two more days of travel to get through. I’ve definitely let my eating when I travel slide a lot in the last year, which I think has a lot to do with the weight gain I’ve struggled with (won’t lie – I winced at my pics from the 5K but I’m working on thinking loving thoughts). I used to be really proactive about finding grocery stores and going out of my way to find healthy foods when I travel. The last few trips I’ve been on have definitely not been that way and as much as I travel for work, that’s definitely going to catch up with me. There’s a difference between indulging on vacation and having crappy crab cakes and french fries in a Baltimore Days Inn restaurant because you don’t feel like walking to find something healthier. Thankfully, I’m done with work travel until late July, but I need to do better because the travel part of my job is only going to get more intense as time goes on.

I work in infectious disease and my favorite thing I’ve heard at this meeting is “don’t cuddle vermin” (in a talk about people catching monkey pox from a pet rat imported from Africa). A friend and I were discussing if this included our children or not, because love them though we may, they are a little disease-ridden during these early childhood, snotty years. 🙂

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our weekly wrap up! What should I bring Oliver as a souvenir from Baltimore? I’m thinking a toy crab. PS I’m both grateful and a little appalled that my name badge for this meeting has information for secure escort services on the back of it. This is definitely not a city I travel alone at night!

weekly wrap up

10 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up with Unexpected Progress!

  1. It makes me sad how there isn’t as much kindness or thank yous going around these days. When I’m nice to retail people or servers, it’s almost like it shocks them. It takes only minimal effort to be nice and makes everyone feel happy!

  2. Meg B says:

    Good for you and your thank yous.

    Glad you are crushing your training this time aorund.

    • It definitely helps that at this point, I have the experience and perspective know that no matter how I’d trained, a) the weather could kill me in mid-May and b) those last 3 miles are going to SUCK thanks to the hills no matter how well I’d trained.

  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Awesome! Congratulations on your first full-run for a 5K and a great finishing time. I think 5Ks are the toughest distance, so showing such great improvement in one is definitely a great indicator of your improvement! Good job too on the treadmill long run. I think the longest I’ve ever run on a treadmill is 3 miles and can’t imagine doing anything longer. I get really irritated with people who are rude to service staff. There’s just no need for it!

    • I am a little worried about training in Omaha for a January marathon – odds are very good that at least one of my 15+ mile runs is going to be on the treadmill due to weather! Yikes!

  4. Look I know all too well the significance of being able to run the entire 5k!!! That is awesome. It was my goal when I started and it did take me awhile. I have not looked back but I still remember how I would struggle. Great job on unexpected progress! I think I try too hard to do something or get somewhere, then when I just let things happen natural, it seems to work out in the end! Glad the storms passed. I hate this time of year we’ve had some close tornadoes near us recently too.

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    Please and Thank You — such simple words and so often overlooked! Congratulations on that 5k! That is a big milestone. I think you are ready for your half marathon. I do better when I’m less structured about training. Just put the miles in, do a little speed work, and see what happens. That’s how I roll. LOL. In fact I’ll go as far to say — the only time I truly followed a training plan for the entire duration, I developed a stress fracture. Hmm… Enjoy your taper time. Thanks for linking with us Jessica!

    • That’s a terrifying thought re: the stress fracture! I think different approaches to training work at different times in your life. Right now, laid back works. My half marathon PR last fall was definitely the result of more intense training. We’ll see what things look like next fall when I tackle the marathon (gulp!!).

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