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TotR: Dream Race Swag

on April 26, 2016

Today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is Race Swag: What’s the best you’ve gotten, the weirdest you’ve gotten, the thing you’d wish you’d get. My first big race of the year is coming up May 15 at the Papillion Half Marathon. Last year, I was excited because we got a fairly nice bag with our shirt and race bib, as well as a coupon for free gelato (yum!). Somehow, I’ve never used either the bag or the gelato coupon though. Bummer.

Cute shirt but big! Need to remember to size down next year.

Cute shirt but big!

The most unusual collection of race swag I’ve received was at the Turkey Trot 5K I did in Arkansas a couple of years ago.

What an odd assortment!

What an odd assortment!

In the pink World Gym bag we got:

  • Grape juice
  • Jif to Go peanut butter
  • Small Clif bar
  • Atkins chocolate coconut bar
  • 4 plain Bic pens
  • Rectangular wooden pencil from Home Depot
  • Sample of dog treats
  • Sample of contact solution (?????)
  • Car air freshener (????)
  • Burt’s Bees lip balm (pretty excited about that one, honestly – love that stuff!)
  • Several coupons for local gyms & frozen yogurt

For most unusual collection of race swag, that’s definitely hard to beat. My favorite race swag is the stuff I’ll actually use, but this collection was maybe a little TOO practical. I should rephrase my favorite swag as stuff I’ll actually use TO RUN. 🙂

The Des Moines Half Marathon always gives us sample packs of Biofreeze, which are the perfect size to stick in your pocket for a long run. The Peak 2 Peak 10 mile race gives us running specific items each year, including a pair of socks one year and a water bottle with a built in mister last year.

My dream race swag? Hands down, park admission at a Disney park. Never happen, I know. I’ll settle for delivery of a Dole Whip to my room the afternoon after the race. Or maybe a discount on registration next year . . .

Thanks as always to Patty, Marcia and Erika for hosting our link up! What’s your favorite race swag?

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8 responses to “TotR: Dream Race Swag

  1. Patty H says:

    You know I cosign that Disney Parks ticket idea. lol

    • Absolutely! Maybe if we asked for a pass to Universal to Harry Potter instead, they’d be so aghast at losing the money on food and souvenirs that they’d come to their senses and give us park tickets. 🙂

  2. Pink Runner says:

    LOL too practical… funny to get contact solution!

    I did the Disney Wine&Dine half marathon 3x and it was a night race. After the race you got into Epcot for a late night after party!

  3. mkadens1 says:

    You should definitely get free admission to the park after shelling out for a Disney race. I’ve had some weirdo things as well. Bone-shaped emory boards anyone? Actually I liked that. I always need to file my nails. Thanks for linking!

  4. Great goodies in that bag. I love Burts bees chap stick too.

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