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New goals this year for Earth Day

on April 21, 2016

Oliver has been talking to me all week about Earth Day because they’ve been working on recycling all week. We’re good recyclers in our house and we try to be environmentally friendly as much as possible, but every year around this time I try to pick a couple of new goals. Last year, I added a recycling bin to my bathroom because I was throwing away a surprising number of things rather than walking them out to the recycling bin in the kitchen (lazy!). We of course also use our local Community Supported Agriculture program and try to buy locally as much as we can and grow veggies in our own garden. We’ve even taken up vermicomposting and have worms that eat our food scraps, so there’s not much garbage at all generated in our house.

March 2014 had us entering the world of worm farming (going strong by the way!).

March 2014 had us entering the world of worm farming (going strong by the way!).

This year, we’re adding a few extra things to our healthy-world routine:

  • Meatless meals once a week (usually Monday for the alliteration): It takes a lot of resources to raise meat for human consumption, so we’re trying to cut back. According to MeatlessMonday, it takes 11 times more energy to produce animal-based protein as it would an equal amount of plant-based protein. You can make a big impact by cutting back, even without completely eliminating animal proteins. We’ve been doing one vegetarian dinner most weeks since January and everyone has been really accepting of it, which is great.
  • Switching from foil to parchment paper for roasting: I roast veggies all the time and usually use foil to speed clean up. You can’t recycle foil here, so it just gets thrown away. What I didn’t think about until recently is the fact that the foil I throw away never really goes anywhere – it isn’t like its biodegradable. Parchment paper, however, is much more biodegradable and still gets me quick and easy clean up for veggies so I’ll definitely be making the switch for most things.
  • Switching to bar soap instead of liquid: I read an article that talked about how much more energy and resources go into producing liquid soaps rather than bar soaps, which makes sense now that I think about it from a packaging perspective, as well as a longevity perspective. A bar of soap lasts far longer than most bottles of liquid! Yes, I like the feel of liquid soaps but that isn’t a good reason to be adding to waste so I’ll make the switch for me (and hopefully convince my guys too!).
  • Recycle glass. Our garbage service doesn’t include glass in its routine recycling, but there are facilities here in town. We don’t have a ton of glass, but when we do we can clean it up and collect it for recycling. I’d guess we’d only have enough to fill a container a couple of times a year, so it won’t be much added work and will help cut back on our garbage a bit more.

Have you made any new healthy-earth goals this year? I’m expecting a big “Earth Day” craft from Oliver tomorrow given the amount of blue and green paint he’s been covered in all week. 🙂


4 responses to “New goals this year for Earth Day

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    These are great, and I love that Oliver gets into it too. I’ve had worms for composting for 4 years & they’re also still going strong! Our curbside recycling program recycles a lot except plastic bags, so one of my goals is to take them to Whole Foods for recycling.

    • My annoyance at plastic bag recycling definitely helps me remember my reusable bags. I have a hard time remembering to take them in to recycle and carry them in the car for weeks. 😟

  2. I have always wanted to try worm farming! I may have to hit you up and see what the process of getting started is!

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