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Random thoughts and a couple of marathon questions from my fried brain today . . .

on April 14, 2016

I still feel like every coherent thought has been wrung out of my brain. I definitely need to decompress! However, these confessions and random thoughts have been hanging in my brain as conversations with my invisible friends (aka you guys) all week so here they are, with no particular cohesion or theme:

I intentionally left a sink full of dishes on Tuesday night because I knew my husband would take care of them on his day off Wednesday. Would it have been nicer to take care of them so he didn’t have to on his day off? Absolutely. Oops. Feels better to confess that.

There’s a particular toilet in the Children’s Hospital that always leaks water and doesn’t flush well. I think of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter every single time I accidentally chose that stall.

I own 5 different patterns of this dress from Land’s End. It has pockets, comfy fabric and the sheath structure I like so every time it goes on sale I buy one. I need to rein my dress habit in a bit.

Speaking of dresses, I’m LOVING Stitch Fix and even more surprisingly, Darrell is too. He rarely comments on my clothes but has talked quite a bit about the Stitch Fix goodies. In my two boxes so far, they’ve done a good job of taking my likes and needs into account and stretching my comfort zone just a bit. I love the sheath shape but had mentioned that I wanted to figure out how to wear belts in a flattering way, so I’m loving this sheath / slightly A line dress with a contrast stripe that is very belt like. Now I know that wearing a belt there would work on me! Can’t wait for my next box! (Also, don’t you love my oddly composed photo for you guys?)

Stitch fix

I have totally failed Oliver in the “stranger danger” talk. I let him go to the bathroom alone at Village Inn because I knew no one else was in there. When he got back, I asked him what he would do if someone he didn’t know talked to him in the bathroom. “I’d say hi to them.” You aren’t supposed to talk to strangers, buddy. “Strangers take people. And treasure.” I think he might be confusing pirates and strangers – time for a little remedial parenting. πŸ™‚

One parenting thing I’m doing right: getting my kid as obsessed with the Hamilton songs as I am. There’s nothing like watching your four year old try to sing along with “The Room Where it Happens.” We’ve listened to this pretty much all the time for the last two weeks. Obsessed
I unexpectedly have open time tomorrow morning because I had two meetings get cancelled, so I’m taking the morning off to take a nice run and clear my head a bit. I may also attempt to remake that poor cake for Darrell’s office, but I’ll deliver it myself this time.

A couple of questions for the marathon runners out there: What do I need for a marathon that I wouldn’t already have for half marathons? Something bigger for water, since I usually just use a small handheld. A Garmin that has longer battery life. Which Garmin would you recommend? Anything else I need? My birthday is in July so I’ll be stocking with marathon goodies before my marathon training starts. πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Random thoughts and a couple of marathon questions from my fried brain today . . .

  1. Meg B says:

    What marathon are you running?

    Honestly, if you can I liked to run my long runs in loops, so I could stop at the house to drink water and potty. I have lots of friends who stash water in their car or plan runs around water stops. I think you cna have you handheld, then a bigger water say in your car, fill up your hand held from that. When you get to LONG mileage, taking a break to pee and/or fill up water isn’t going to hurt!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Love that dress on you! I had to laugh at Moaning Myrtle. Ha! Happy almost weekend!

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