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A quarterly check in on goals for the year

on April 7, 2016

I can’t quite believe we’re already a quarter of the way through the year! While I’m not doing new goals every month, I am trying to keep my big goals for the year in mind and thought this was a good time to check in on those so I start spring with my “eyes on the prize.”

  • One of my goals this year was to do more of the things that make me happy and I’m doing reasonably good with this despite life getting ever busier! I’ve been reading a lot more, which I’m enjoying, and planning some home improvements through the spring and summer (which I weirdly enjoy). Cooking has gotten less fun during this tomato-less phase, but I’m hoping the onset of farmer’s market and CSA season helps with that next month! We’re also working on planning our garden, which is always fun!


  • Engage more with my husband, my family and my friends: I’m not sure I’m doing much better with this, except that I am definitely being more vocal in my appreciation of my fabulous husband and have been out socially with girl friends at least once. Being aware of this definitely helps me to put down the phone and really pay attention to my kid more often, which helps.
  • Increase my food quality: I’m not sure how I’m doing with this honestly. I do eat a lot of veggies and whole foods, but there’s still probably more packaged snacks in there than should be. Thank goodness I have the rest of the year to keep working on this. 🙂
  • Put good into the world: I love having a “good deed” on my list of things I report every week because it keeps the need to do good on my mind through the week more than it might otherwise be. After all, I’ve got the built in accountability of telling you guys about it here so I’d better be sure I have something to report! This goal is going well.
  • Make peace with needing help with maintaining/losing weight: I’m totally okay with this at this point. A HUGE NSV for me on the trip to New Orleans is that I tracked my food, even the high calorie, totally worth it things that put me in the hole calorie wise! For now, I’m at peace with tracking.

Cafe pontalba

  • For my running goals this year, I’m registered for the Papillion Half Marathon and the back to back half marathons of the I-35 challenge this fall. I’m edging ever closer to pulling the trigger on the marathon since my body seems to be holding up well so far this training cycle. I don’t know that I’ll set time goals for any of my races this year, but will instead just have happy miles. I’d considered training for a 10K PR between my spring and fall half marathon cycles, but think I’ll just keep up happy miles instead.
  • I’m also registered for the Pulpit Rock hike on my trip to Norway this summer, so I’m going to have to do lots of incline hiking between my half marathon in May and this trip!
  • I’ve fallen flat on my goal of figuring out to incorporate strength training more regularly into my routine. Definitely something to re-focus on!

Spring (and it is spring, despite the fact that I’ve got rain, a wind advisory and freezing overnight temps here in Nebraska today!) is a great time to re-evaluate after winter and make a plan to take advantage of the rebirth in nature to reinvigorate our own goals too. I feel like overall I’m doing well with these goals and feel weirdly at peace with my progress on this particular blustery spring day.

Does spring make you feel like re-evaluating and starting something new? Just seeing my tulips and hyacinths in my yard this morning made me smile and got me thinking about how this year was going. I’m always torn about cutting my tulips to bring them in to enjoy or leaving them out in the yard! Maybe I’ll compromise and just buy some tulips at the store. 🙂



5 responses to “A quarterly check in on goals for the year

  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I started making a point to do more good deeds because I’ve been inspired by you! For some reason, mine always seem to happen at the grocery store. There are always people who need help getting items from a top shelf, and I always seem to be there! I’m always surprised at the immense gratitude people show for something so little. Awesome that you’re registered for your hike and your half marathons!

  2. Meg B says:

    Congrats on doing super well with your yearly goals!

  3. […] on the Run topic was a check in on 2016 goals, which I already wrote about a bit earlier this month here. Instead, today seems like a good to talk about a goal I’ve been tossing around in my head […]

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