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Weekly Wrap-Up: 4 more long runs to go!

on March 28, 2016

I like keeping a running countdown of how many more long runs I have to get done before a race. After yesterday’s ten miler, I’m down to four more before race day! I’m entertained at how much more “loosely” I’m taking my training plan this time that I did for my last two half marathons. I’ve got enough other stuff going that I can look at a 20 mile week, with hills and a long run, as a good week instead of focusing on the tempo run I didn’t get in. I guess I’ve gained some wisdom after 5 prior half marathon training cycles. The biggest challenge for this half marathon in mid-May is not going to be the number of miles I’ve gotten in during my training cycle, but rather the fact that all of those training miles were in winter weather as opposed to the near-summer weather I’ll run the race in. It’s definitely a dose of reality to temper my expectations!


Monday Strength training, yoga and a walk to rest my brain. It’s running ragged these days!

Tuesday Hills X 8, with warm up and cool down for a total of 3 miles. This is going to be a really hilly course so I’m definitely going to err on the side of hills for my Tuesday workouts for the rest of this training session.

Wednesday Rest (and my legs appreciated it after hill day!)

Thursday 3 miles running in the dark, plus some walking during the day. I was supposed to run a tempo run but didn’t leave work early enough for it. I’m glad I at least got back out for those 3 night time miles!

Friday I woke up early for my tempo run, only to be greeted by my small person who was inexplicably awake at 5:30 am and wanting to have breakfast with me. As I’m going to be leaving town next week, I decided this was a day that “mother” won over “runner” and had a good time chatting with my kiddo. I still ended up with over 8,000 steps this day!

Don’t you love that bed head?

Saturday 4 miles, split over two runs before and after a trip to the Children’s theater. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do to get the miles in! It takes a special kind of mental strength to haul myself out to run again a second time just to pick up an extra mile, so I consider these split runs a special kind of workout.
Sunday Ten miles in the morning, where I got to see Easter eggs in lots of yards waiting for kiddos to wake up and find them.
Easter eggs
I forgot to charge my Garmin overnight but thankfully it didn’t die until I was close enough to know how far I had left to hit ten miles! It still sort of amazes me that I can run ten miles and more.
Dead Garmin!
I’m grateful for time spent with my own little egg hunter on Sunday. I carried on my dad’s tradition of hiding the eggs in totally age-inappropriate-difficult places for Oliver. He told me at one point that “The Easter bunny doesn’t know how good I am at this” when he thought they were hidden too easily. I fixed that by adding some nice, challenging places like inside the bird feeder đŸ™‚Egg hunting

My good deed this week was nominating a helpful librarian at work for an award. She was lovely and came all the way across campus just to help me with a computer problem, so for that and years of expertise that they readily give us, she totally deserves recognition! It only took a few minutes to fill out the nomination form and made me feel so good. I should definitely do that more often to recognize other people!

My NSV this week is avoiding a second breakfast on Friday when I had a work breakfast meet and greet. I’d eaten at home, but was worried about resisting the urge to have something more than coffee. I confess, the universe helped me out by making the mini-bagel I’d picked up have mold spots on the bottom (ew!), but I’m still counting this as a NSV!

I’m packing up tonight to head to New Orleans tomorrow. Wish me safe travels! What’s a good iconic New Orleans thing to bring Oliver as a souvenir? Maybe a toy alligator? I’m definitely bringing pralines for my office staff!
Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our link up!
weekly wrap up

12 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: 4 more long runs to go!

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I love the changing perspective on your training cycle. The best that we can do is always the best thing for us! I had to laugh at the challenging Easter egg locations. Enjoy New Orleans!

  2. Safe travels to New Orleans! Nice job on your workouts! Great job getting your runs in even if you had to split them up!

  3. Meg B says:

    HAve so much fun in New Orleans!! Safe travels!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    Great job on the long run and week of training. You know, I’ve never known anyone who hides the eggs for the kids to find when they wake up! I count down all types of silly stuff prior to race day — # of laundry loads, grocery store trips, garbage days…you get the idea. LOL. A toy gator is a great idea from NOLA. But, go to Jackson Square. You might find a unique handmade toy there. Thanks for linking with us Jessica.

  5. Meagan says:

    That would be really cute to go for a run early on Easter morning in a neighborhood and see eggs waiting for little ones to find. I’ve never thought about that. I may have to go find a neighborhood and try that next year!

    Speaking of little ones, how ironic that yours was up early when you had gotten up early for your tempo run. I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes đŸ™‚

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