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Weekly Wrap-Up: An active rest week

on March 21, 2016

I was on call for work all week and I always plan my training around these weeks. I never know how much availability I’ll have to get a work out in, much less the energy since my job can be draining on these weeks. Instead, this week I set the goal to get 10,000 steps a day and 10 flights of stairs a day. A lot of that comes just from running around from place to place where I’m needed, but having a set goal also means that I hauled myself out of bed at 9:30 one night when I realized I was only at 9 flights of stairs. Goals keep me moving! I also did a couple of family walks at the end of the day, which was a great way to chat with my guys and get those steps done.
Sunday playtime

Sunday afternoon we played catch and took a nice long walk to the playground to enjoy the sun. This was especially appreciated since it snowed on us all day Saturday. Gotta love spring in Nebraska! I’ve got to plan this week’s training around two days of snow in the forecast. Even though I didn’t have a chance to get in a run, it was definitely a very active week and I feel good about it all around. I did strength training on three days in addition to all of the walking and stairs, so it was a nice win of a busy work week.


I did well with my choices for the rest of the week, including grabbing fruit instead of pastries when I was tired but going to boring early morning meetings (even if they’re the same calories, the banana is definitely a healthier choice!). My NSV is the fact that last week’s goal of ten flights of stairs carried over to this week since I’ve already taken the stairs twice this morning even though this is a back-to-normal workout week and I don’t need those extra goals to keep me moving.

I feel like my good deed has to be all of the times I gave lost people directions. Work weeks like these have me running all over and leading lost souls to the correct location definitely adds to my step counts. Something about a name badge makes people think you know where they should be going. šŸ™‚

I’m grateful today for Monday and the passing off of the pager so I can work on other things that fell to the wayside last week. I’m also grateful for getting back to running! I have 5 long runs left between now and taper time, which always feel like it’s time to get “serious.” Of course, I’m supposed to run 10 miles this weekend and it’s going to snow on Sunday. I usually do my long run on Sunday but am not sure about this weekend. On the one hand, I have a ton of stuff on the schedule Saturday. On the other hand, Sunday is Easter and snow. I think I may have to suck it up and wake up early Saturday.

When my alarm went off this morning, I was dreaming about sneaking bites of frosting off of a cake (you know, scooping a bit off and smoothing over the dent?). My husband says that means I need to stop watching Pioneer Woman before bed but I think it’s just a reaction to a stressful week of work. Do you ever dream of cake?

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our Weekly Wrap Up link up!

weekly wrap up

14 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: An active rest week

  1. At my funeral, I want “birthday cake” instead of a casket spray. How is that for “sick”?

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I love the idea of upping up daily activity when you know you can’t get in regular workouts. Great job being active and making healthy food choices! I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of cake. Ha!

  3. I don’t dram about cake….but chips and fries? YES!!!!!!! šŸ˜›

  4. Anna says:

    Evening walks with your guys sounds heavenly šŸ™‚ I love the picture of the fruit bowl dwarfing the pastries – way to make great choices!

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    I have a weakness for frosting (icing we say in the south) but I don’t think I’ve dreamed about sneaking it off a cake. Good job in getting your steps and stairs while you were on call, plus the strength training. You are getting close to your race if you only have 5 long runs left. Good luck in these final weeks. Thanks for linking with us Jessica.

  6. Ha I do that too! Lay down in bed and see that I have 9,500 steps and I need only 500 more steps, out of the bed I go to walk around the living room. The control a fitbit has over me… I won a Moto 360 sports watch. It’s supposed to do all a fitbit does and more. I can’t wait to get it in but I don’t know how I feel about letting my fitbit go and all the challenges. I mean I’ve had a fitbit for gosh 6 years or more?? What would you do? Wear both?? Thanks Jessica for linking up with us!

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