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Weekly Wrap Up: Memphis blues

on March 7, 2016

I’m home from Memphis as of 1 o’clock this morning. Yesterday was a long and exhausting day to get home! Still, Memphis was lovely and the people were so nice. I also enjoyed getting to hear Southern accents again after years up here in Nebraska. πŸ™‚ Even though yesterday was a long day of travel, I did get to spend a couple of hours listening to live music in the BB King Cafe before leaving, which was a great way to finish up the trip!
BB King Cafe

Despite the travel, my workouts turned out pretty well for the week. I only had one missed workout and I got to run along the Mississippi River – not too shabby!


Monday 3 easy miles

Tuesday Another easy 3 miles (love that the weather cooperates enough to do this outside!)
Wednesday I woke up crazy early to get to Memphis and got in lots of airport walking, plus 8 miles on the treadmill when I got to my hotel like I talked about here. I’ll be honest and say that I never completely recovered my food choices. Ugh – I’m feeling it and glad to be back to normal food now that I’m home.

View of the Gibson factory

Thursday Rest, but mostly conferencing all day. All of that talking to people definitely counts as a workout for this introvert!

Friday I did 4 X 4 minute intervals on the treadmill at zone 3-4, totaling 3 miles. I love the feeling of a good interval workout.

Saturday I headed out to run along the river, figuring it would be quiet and safe early in the morning. My Garmin wasn’t charged (boo!) so I just went 40 minutes and figured that got me close to my target of 3 miles. The lights were still on along Beale Street as the sun came up.

Beale Street

Sunday Thwarted by the hotel treadmill! We were in Helena with my husband’s family and the treadmill at our hotel was broken, so no tempo run. I did get in some time on the elliptical instead. I am just NO good at the elliptical! I am so uncoordinated and it feels like ten times the work of a run.

All in all, 20 miles running, lots of yummy but way too indulgent food, family time and finally safely getting back home to normal life. Whew! I’m grateful for safe travels and hush puppies. πŸ™‚ My good deed was taking a picture at my hotel of a man and his nephew, who happened to be a NBA player staying in the hotel while his team played the Grizzlies. It was hard to get all of that guy into the frame! My NSV is the fact that I woke up today and got back to normal eating after a weekend where I feel ugh. It’s so tempting to just keep eating unhealthy things when you know you’ve had a string of bad choices. Not today! I’ve had a good breakfast and lunch and know that with a few days of good choices behind me, I’ll feel much better.

Besides my workout today, I’ll definitely get lots of steps in doing laundry for all three of us after traveling and getting everything unpacked. I did nothing last night because I got home at 1:30 am, so that means lots of catching up tonight.

Do you feel like you need another weekend to catch up when you spend a weekend away from home?

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our wrap up!

weekly wrap up


14 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Memphis blues

  1. janerunswild says:

    Yes! I got in from my red eye last weekend and felt like I needed 3 days to catch up on sleep, work, and everything else! Great job with the workouts while on the road!

  2. Great week of workouts while traveling! I feel like I always need a vacation after traveling. It takes a lot of energy for some reason!

  3. I’m really bad about running while traveling. Great job getting some good workouts in! Memphis is a great town! Love the music and the BBQ.

  4. All the time I feel like if I’m busy one weekend, I need a do-over or an extra day to do the stuff I normally *would* get done throughout a weekend! Great job getting all those workouts in though! Memphis is definitely a trip we want to take soon!

  5. Anna says:

    I am always super impressed that you get in your runs when you travel. And what awesome pictures of your adventures in running! It is always good to be home and back in the routine πŸ™‚

  6. HoHo Runs says:

    Yes to your question! I rolled in from New Orleans last Sunday night as thought “where’d the weekend go, again”? I don’t like starting the week without groceries, clean laundry, a neat house, etc. It just adds a level of stress throughout the week to get it caught up. The picture of Beale Street is so pretty. I think you did a great job in getting 20 miles in while travelling. Thanks for linking with us Jessica.

  7. I always, always need another day of rest after our trips but I rarely get one, because I’d simply use it as another day to see and do! Beale street never sleeps, It was fun keeping up with you since I’ve been there before. In fact I just signed up to do another half there. I get to run down by the river too, start and finish at Mud Island. I’m looking forward to it!

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