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Weekly Wrap Up: Making peace with a flare :(

on February 15, 2016

This weekend did not turn out like I expected. I had plans to finally meet my mileage goal for the week with a 4 mile run on Saturday and an 8 mile long run on Sunday. As often happens with parenthood, kid stuff derailed me and then lupus piled on.

Oliver got sick Friday night and was up late with fever. I could tell O was getting sick when he refused to eat the brownie we decorated at the Valentine’s Day party Friday afternoon in school.
Brownie time

He ended up in bed with us Friday night, which means I pretty much did not sleep. On a good night, he’s a wild sleeper. When ill, he’s a monkey high on Mountain Dew. I slept not a wink. He’s doing better – the fever only lasted about 24 hours. It took me longer to get back to normal. It turns out, a horrible night of sleep made all of my lupus symptoms flare up, with swollen hands and pain in my hands, my elbow and my jaw. Ugh. I also forgot that other lupus symptom I tend to pretend doesn’t exist – fatigue.

I gave myself Saturday off, figuring being 4 miles short for the week really isn’t any different than any other week in this first month of spring training. I assumed I’d be back to normal Sunday after a good night of sleep (which I did get, thankfully). However, that isn’t what happened. While I could tell I’d slept, the fatigue was still there. The swelling was still there. The pain was still there. My husband had to point out to me that I’m sick and this is going to happen. I’m lucky that I have mild, annoying lupus, without any of the more serious complications at this point but man is it annoying. I also haven’t really figured out when I’m feeling tired because I’m a working mom who just powers through tired or when I’m feeling tired from the lupus. If I were giving advice to a friend, I’d point out that either way, I should take the time to rest. However, I struggle with seeing that and allowing myself that time. Instead of my long run, I spent Sunday afternoon in my tub with the jets going and bath salts.

I can’t remember the last time I missed a long run on a training plan. I know it isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of my training this spring. I have repeats of my longer distances in the plan, so missing one long run isn’t going to hurt. I knew I’d have trouble getting everything in thanks to weather around here anyway, so a missed run isn’t catastrophic. On the plus side, I did end up with over 8K a steps a day for the week thanks to a great and active week prior to Saturday. I also did get some runs in and some strength training and today is another day to start again. And on the greatest bright side, I’m married to a man whose response to a sick and slacker wife is to send me to the tub and ask if I need to regularly schedule more spa days to keep from getting run down. ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking at this week, I’ve decided that I just need to let that 8 mile long run go. I’ve got the first interval workout on the training plan tomorrow, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to do a long run today before an interval workout tomorrow.

I got up and ran a little over 3 miles this morning. It felt so GOOD. It’s a tricky circle. The lupus makes my joints sore and makes me tired, both of which make it hard to run, but running makes all of those symptoms better. I just have to be careful about listening to my body more than an arbitrary training plan. I went through this in the fall and trusted my body not to push through too much and ended up running my best race at the Des Moines Half Marathon in October. I know this will get easier soon weather wise, too. All of the high temperatures in my 10 day forecast are over freezing! And there’s no significant chance of snow! All great things. I never used to mind the cold or the slippery surfaces of winter, but now I can’t tolerate the cold at all thanks to the Raynaud’s that comes with lupus and I’m terrified of falling on already sore limbs.ย  Maybe that ground hog is right and an early spring is coming. Fingers crossed!

This is sort of a downer weekly wrap up, but I have high hopes for this week! I’ve already started with a good run this morning, over 10,000 steps for today and some quality time with O. He and I are going to a kids cooking class at 4, which I’m really looking forward to! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Be sure to check out Holly and Tricia’s Weekly Wrap round up. I will be checking out everyone else’s wrap ups to get a boost to get me over my funk about yet another not-quite-good-enough training week. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank goodness I’m only in this spring race to get me running regularly!

weekly wrap up


12 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Making peace with a flare :(

  1. I’m so sorry about the bad flare up but you’re right. Just listen to your body and rest up when you need to. ((HUGS)) Glad O is feeling better and glad you are as well too now.

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I know it’s so frustrating to have to miss runs, but you’re smart to do the best thing for your health and your body. There will be time for many more long runs in your life, and hopefully many of them will be in nicer weather! I loved how you ended the post by looking at the positives and are starting the week on a good note.

  3. You have to look at it this way, the downs make us appreciate the ups even that much more! Keep your head up Jessica it’ll get better, you just keep at it! Hugs to you!!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had a Lupus flare. I wouldn’t stress over missing your long run. There will be plenty of those to come. I have Raynaud’s too and loathe the grocery store — always a trigger. My fingers don’t turn white during a cold run, only afterwards. I hope you and O had a great time at the kid’s cooking class. Thanks for linking with us Jessica!

  5. I’m sorry you had to deal with a flare, but you’re right–listening to your body is much more important than sticking 100% to your training plan. You’ll do fine. I hope the cooking class was fun!

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  7. […] triggering these symptoms and wondering if I need to pay attention to food more closely. With my flare a week or so ago, things seemed worse after we went out for Valentine’s Day lunch, which is part of what made […]

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