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TotR: Running oldies but goodies

on January 26, 2016

Today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is Running Oldies but Goodies: those things that we rely on over and over in our running lives. Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and Marcia for hosting the link up!

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I definitely have some favorites that I’m happy to share! Note that none of these are sponsored – just my personal favorites!

  • I LOVE Feetures socks! These have kept me blister free (knock on wood) for miles and miles of runs. They have varying thicknesses as well, which is really helpful in my super cold Omaha runs. They’re about $15 each, but totally worth it and mine have lasted a couple of years before I started to notice wear in the toes of the thicker pairs.
I check to be sure I have them right before big races. :)

I check to be sure I have them right before big races. šŸ™‚

  • Like I mentioned in last week’s talk about Expos, I don’t like many flavors of Gu but I adore the Salted Caramel Gu flavor and buy it in bulk from Amazon. The chocolate flavors and the Espresso love are okay, but the salted caramel is my go-to. I also like the Sport Beans in fruit flavors for a change of pace, but can’t stand fruit flavored Gu for some reason.
  • Most sports drinks don’t sit well on my stomach when I’m running, but I do well with the Nuun tablets that dissolve into your water. I’ve liked almost all of the flavors but the grape is my favorite.
  • As a Midwestern runner, good cold weather gear is a must. I use a lot of UnderArmour Cold Gear for my shirts and leggings and always go to them when I need new winter running clothes.
  • For warmer weather, I’m a SparkleSkirt girl all the way. No chafing, loads of pockets and I look cute? Win win!!
  • A perk of a hilly course was the ability to see the photographer before I got there so I could be sure a) I was smiling and b) I was running. :)

    This was a SparkleSkirt custom fabric, so this pattern isn’t there now, but the others available are super cute.

My go-to races have got to the be RunDisney series because I’ve had a great experience with all of those races, as well as the Des Moines Half marathon, which I’ve done twice and will continue to return to as long as I’m able. The people were lovely and it was a well organized, well supported race (and flat!).

What are your bits of workout gear you keep going back to again and again? Anyone have a water bottle/belt/backpack that they just adore? I confess I haven’t found one yet I love and would like one before I get back to long summer runs.



10 responses to “TotR: Running oldies but goodies

  1. I recently just bought my first pair of feetures socks. And I really like them. I will definitely be buying more in the future.

  2. I got some no-show athletic socks from Target (C9 brand) that have a little lip in the back to keep your shoe from rubbing the back of your heel, and they also never fall down. I love them!

    I also love my high-rise compression capris and leggings from Old Navy. They’re seriously the best things ever!

  3. I have to admit that I don’t LOVE my water bottle…I hate carrying anything, but I’ve found the best solution. I use a 24 ounces bottle for my Tailwind, slide a neoprene sleeve over it (from my Amphipod) and a Bottle Band to hold it. It is the best of all worlds.

  4. Love Feetures socks. I just wish they’d come out with more colors for the compression socks.

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    I love the taste of Salted Caramel GU! But, it has caffeine and I do much better without that. I have to stick with the Peanut Butter. I got horrible blisters in a race while wearing Feetures. My current favorite socks are Swiftwick.

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