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A random Friday five . . .

on January 22, 2016

It has been a bizarre week here. Every day, I’ve either had to be at work super early or got to work late because of weather or child crazy. Yesterday, I was late to work because Oliver refused to wear underwear. Why you ask? Because of wedgies. He didn’t want to get a wedgie so his solution was to just skip underwear all together. I confess I couldn’t think of a great reason that he HAD to wear underwear other than “I said so” and “Nana would KILL me if I let you go to school without underwear.” I promise, however, he did wear underwear school with the agreement we’d go pick out new less-wedgie prone undies this weekend.

Other random thoughts from my week . . .

– I’ve been reading lots of recaps of the WDW marathon and the fact that it is universally hard to run more than 20 miles and that running through the Wide World of Sports sucks have NOT turned me off of this idea means I’m apparently going to run a marathon next year. 🙂 Check out recaps from Fairytales and Fitness, The Fairest Run of All, MissSippiPiddlin and HoHo Runs.

Oops! Broke the house!

– I’m a real Midwesterner now. I’ve operated the snow blower. We got a lot of snow Tuesday and I decided to get over my fear of the snow blower rather than shoveling so much snow. I got it done, but chewed up a lot of the downspout on the house, froze one of my fingers (3 days later, the nail is still abnormal!), blew snow into my garage and some snow into the neighbors driveway. Oops! When I sent my dad the picture of the downspout scattered all over my yard and the list of everything else that had gone on, he did want to be sure his grandson was okay since I’d managed to break just about everything else.

-Did you guys see this bit of news about the New York marathon? Apparently, they are being sued over the lottery system. I was surprised to see how much money they bring in from those fees for entering the lottery! I can see where that would be a step that might help deter people who are not serious from entering the lottery and an important part of their budget, such that race entry fees might increase if that fee went away, but it is a LOT of money. The Lincoln Marathon here in Nebraska has a lottery for a subset of the entries and you make a donation to the associated charity in order to get into the lottery, which seems like a nice approach.

-For a totally free virtual run, check out the Runs for Cookies virtual 5K. Katie does this virtual run for her birthday every year, which I think is a fun idea. I like the idea of lots of people all over the world getting out to run with you on your birthday. What a great party! I’ve done it every year since she started and almost forgot this year! My brain still hasn’t caught on to the fact that January is marching steadily along and over half finished!

-My boss wants to nominate me for a big award and as part of that process, we have to get two letters of recommendation from established, successful people in my field to say that I’m hot stuff. The people I’m asking are both lovely, kind people, so the worst that will happen is that they will kindly say they can’t do it and yet thanks to my rampant impostor syndrome, part of me worries that they’ll be laughing on some level at the insanity of the idea I’d qualify for this. Sigh. I’m not sure I’ll ever outgrow this kind of awkwardness. Just the asking made me want to EAT ALL THE THINGS.

I make sure eating "ALL THE THINGS" focuses on veggies when that binge urge hits.

I make sure eating “ALL THE THINGS” focuses on veggies when that binge urge hits.

Apparently, 50 million people in the US are under the threat of blizzard this weekend. Stay safe, stay warm and good luck finding bread and milk. 🙂

Have a great weekend! Any body else struggle with that impostor syndrome where you have that sense that any day now, people are going to figure out you’re faking it? I logically have a pretty good sense of what I’m actually good at and what I’m not, but that rational sense doesn’t always match up with my emotional sense. This is definitely something I’ve recognized as one of my biggest binge triggers, so I’m glad I got through sending out those requests yesterday without much trouble. Progress!


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  1. Ha ha! I literally laughed out loud at the argument about not wearing underwear. Yay! I’m so excited you’ll be running the WDW marathon next year! Yeah, I’ve read so many marathon recaps, but what encourages me are from those who seem to breeze through and not really have any issue. My friend who ran the Philly Marathon last Nov was like that–no issues, no problems, no wall-hitting, just smiles and happiness until the finish line! I wouldn’t want to bet money on whether I’ll be like that, but it will certainly be an interesting experience to give it a go and see what happens!

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