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Weekly Wrap Up: Back in the saddle and it feels pretty good!

on January 18, 2016

I ran four days last week (the last four days in a row, actually) and I’d forgotten how good this slightly tight, My legs did some work, feeling is. Does that make me a freak? Maybe just a bit. Regardless, I feel good about last week.

Wins for the week:

Ran 14.5 miles for the week, which included 3 runs out in the cold and a 6 mile run on the treadmill yesterday. Our high yesterday was 5 F and most of the day was sub zero, before you factored in the significant wind chill, so there’s no way I was going out in that for an hour plus! I don’t mind the cold so much for short runs, but for longer runs I’ll hit the treadmill and watch Once Upon a Time, thank you very much.

Chilly run

– I didn’t run Monday through Wednesday just because of the weather and not making the time to get the gym for a treadmill. However, I did lots of indoor walking and hit 10,000 steps those days. I actually hit 10,000 steps EVERY DAY this week and I can’t think of the last time I did that!

– I kept up my water with every non-water drink habit, even though that wasn’t my active goal this week, and succeeded with my active food goal of no fruit with my night time snack. Yay!

– I got in two strength workouts, one with a mix of kettlebell / handweights and body weight exercises and one with the suspension system (which made Darrell laugh a lot, like I mentioned here). I also nailed my goal of planks every day!

Good week all around! I also went out to dinner with Darrell Saturday night at a non-kid friendly restaurant. I had wine and dessert and totally enjoyed the indulgence of the food and the leisurely paced meal without guilt. My NSV this week is the fact that I didn’t let the fact that I was planning to indulge on Saturday night allow me to make less-than-ideal food choices all day on Saturday. Breakfast and lunch were still pretty normal healthy choices for me – not too little to “make up” for dinner and not overboard. Big win!!

Areas for improvement:
– I ran four days in a row, instead of every other day like I was scheduled, because I didn’t get my schedule in gear appropriately. As this week starts with runs on Monday and Tuesday, that’ll put me at 6 days of running in a row (thankfully at low mileage and easy paces!). Yes, I was doing that routinely in the fall, but before this week, I’d run ONCE a week for far too long. Going from once a week to six days in a row is definitely less than ideal!
– I didn’t really do any stretching or foam rolling this week, despite the fact that I’ve been having piriformis pain since I fell on that snowy Christmas Eve run. Weirdly, my piriformis has bothered me less this week than it has in the last month, but I still should be stretching and foam rolling!
– While I have been drinking a ton of water, I also noticed I was drinking more soda at home again this weekend. I’d really like to cut that down!
I’m grateful for those new Saucony UltiMitts because they do a great job keeping my hands warm. Having my fingers inside individual little glove-finger covers, but then nestled together inside that wind resistant mitten is a double whammy that keeps my fingers from getting too cold and painful. I need to come up with a similar warm covering for my feet! Maybe doubling up on my wool socks?

My good deed this week is the fact that I’ve raised a kid who does good deeds. O was explaining how to me how he holds the door open for people (as we were doing this at swim lessons) because “that’s generous and nice and it’s important to be generous and nice.” He’s very proud of his big new word generous and works it into a lot of conversation, not always quite appropriately.

I don’t think I’m going to set a new food goal this week. I’m going to keep tracking and keep up with the fruit and water goals I’ve had the last two weeks because both of those are things I’ve let fall off my radar too quickly in the past, so I’ll keep another week of reinforcing those two before I move on to add a new goal.

In terms of activity, I’m pretty comfortable with the success I’ve had with strength training and daily planks, so I’m going to add onto that. As I noted above, I ended up running four days in a row because I didn’t make it to the gym in time to run Monday and Wednesday like I’d originally planned. While I handled lots of back to back running days just fine when I ran in the fall, I should warm up to that now just like I did then.  The plan is set up to ease me into lots of days of running in this base building phase and I should respect that. My activity goal this week is to actually do my workouts on the days assigned so I can protect my legs and to remember to stretch and foam roll/use the stick afterwards. I don’t want injury to derail me early on in spring training, so let’s get those habits set now while I’m at low mileage!

I really need to get better about doing this regularly!

I really need to get better about doing this regularly!

In other news, I’ll be sending my extra Christmas copy of Bart Yasso’s book My Life on the Run out to Jennifer at RunningonLentils – congrats on winning the giveaway! Send me your address at littlemoreeachday@gmail.com and I’ll get the book out ASAP.

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our weekly workout wrap up. I’ve really enjoyed reading both of your recaps of the WDW marathon weekend so far! Check them out here and here if you’re like me and contemplating taking the marathon plunge. 🙂

weekly wrap up

I hope everyone has a great week! I saw something from the Chicago Weather Service on Facebook that says this is statistically the coldest week of the year on average, so fingers crossed that it warms up a bit soon! Single digits get old fast – especially for my cold digits 🙂



23 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Back in the saddle and it feels pretty good!

  1. mygymrecipe says:

    Well done! Keep up the good work! I’m going running tomorrow in the cold, first time this year, I usually stick with running inside when its this cold!

  2. Oh wow great job on running that many days in a row. I just saw this: feels like 2 degrees? I can not even imagine, nope just can not! I am trying to do more than run 3x a week but not too much more. I try not to run more than 2 days in a row and a lot of the time I will rest in between. I’m so glad you liked our recaps and are encouraged by them. I loved hearing about your little one holding the door open for people, It is something that is dying out and I so hate that!

  3. Way to go! Those mittens sound amazing 😀

  4. Pam says:

    Glad you had some good running this week even if the runs were not spread out. Your little bo sounds like a very kind person even at a young age. How did you like Bart Yasso’s book? I may want to add that to my reading list.

  5. O sounds like the sweetest kid with a truly kind heart. You and your hubby are doing a great job with raising him! And you are rocking it with your activity and nutrition too!

  6. A great week indeed! O is a wonderful little man too!

  7. Yay! I’m so excited I won the giveaway and will definitely enjoy that book! I’ll email you with my address. As far as the recap, yeah, going from 1 running day to 6 is a huge change! Definitely give your body time to ease into it. I was doing 5 running days for a while before I started 6. Overall great week! My daily plank challenge ended last year, and I really need to start doing them more.

    • I’ve definitely got to pay attention to the schedule! I was supposed to start with 5 but forgot that putting them off until late would get me in trouble. Thank goodness they’re low mileage and relatively low impact since the weather has forced me onto the treadmill.

  8. Anna says:

    Great reflection on the week. I love how you discuss what you did well and where you can improve. Not blowing the whole day you know there will be an indulgence is always an awesome NSV – good job!

  9. HoHo Runs says:

    It’s finally cold here but I haven’t done much of anything since returning from Disney except foam roll. I love that thing! I did cook a few meals. This is always so hard for me to get back into the habit of after traveling. I want someone to cook for me. Your O is growing up and understanding so much. You are doing a great job, Mom! As for your comment about taking the marathon plunge: it’s really a mental thing. Just commit to the decision and the rest will follow! Thanks for linking with us Jessica.

  10. Great job getting in your runs in those freezing cold temps! I really should start doing planks again. I did a 30 day plank challenge and I was really starting to see a difference, but I haven’t done any since then.

  11. christyruns says:

    Great week and way to go getting in your runs even in the cold. I don’t have a tread mill, I so hope someday I do! I only run 4 days a week too and if it is too miserable outside I make do with my elliptical or rowing machine. but it is not the same as running!

    • It would be so much easier if I had a treadmill at home. It’s on my list! If it’s too slippery to run outside, driving to the gym is also not fun so I wish I just had something here in the house.

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