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Back on Weight Watchers and one month in . . .

on January 13, 2016

I’ve been back on Weight Watchers and using the new plan for about a month now, so I thought it was a good time for a little update and a little self-reflection on the process. Since I’d last actively tracked with Weight Watchers, they’ve switched from the Points Plus program I lost my 110 pounds with to the new Smart Points program. The shift resulted in lower cost to lean proteins and a higher cost in sugars and fats, especially saturated fats. I’ve found so far that the added cost of those sugars and fats are showing up for me when I eat out in restaurants and when I grab convenience foods like granola bars, which can seem healthier than they really are.

My little chef not only chose this salmon nicoise salad recipe and helped make it, he ATE it!

My little chef not only chose this salmon nicoise salad recipe and helped make it, he ATE it!

Just like it did in the past, the Weight Watchers approach of making fruits and most veggies “free” really works for me in terms of increasing my vegetable intake. I love that I can eat LOTS of food without it costing me any points, although I personally have to watch it or I go overboard with the fruit. I think the fact that I feel so much less bloated and puffy with a few weeks of being back on plan is largely due to the increase in veggies. Check out that gorgeous salad we made for dinner last night! (Please pardon the blech looking canned green beans – those were O’s choice but those fresh bright green ones were delish!)

My weigh in today was 181.1 lbs, well above where I’d like to be but 6.9 pounds down from where I started December 19th. Most of that weight came off in the first week and was likely water retention, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how not-stressed I am about my slow progress since then. I feel a lot better, my clothes fit better and I’m happy with the healthier food choices I’m making. The scale will catch up in time if I just stick with it. I think it helps that I prepaid for 3 months of the online program, so I might as well stick with it and use it at least that long, right?

I’m experimenting with different lunch options since protein is so “cheap” like tuna and white bean salad, a Waldorf-ish chicken salad and leftover salmon today. It’s fun to break out of the sandwich rut I’d been in forever. It’s also refreshing to notice that I’m not starving even though I’m snacking less. It turns out, you don’t absolutely HAVE to eat something every time you have the urge. Amazing 🙂 I’d learned that when I lost weight before, but forgotten. I do find that I’m gravitating toward more “whole” foods this time around with WW that I did before, so I think my year without tracking and with a focus on healthier food in general did me some good. A lot of people have complained that the newer Smart Points make them feel like they are restricted in their eating, which I haven’t personally felt at all but I think that is because I’m eating largely unprocessed foods.

I’m pleased with the plan so far and especially pleased with the fact that I’m being so patient with making changes that are good for me, regardless of what the scale does or doesn’t do. I know that it will take longer for my diet changes to pay off with my post-morbid obesity, almost 40 year old metabolism. I’ve also honestly not been as physically active in the last few weeks than I was when I was actively losing weight, so it isn’t surprising that things are a little slower without that added burn.

It can be surprisingly hard to make peace with the scale.

It can be surprisingly hard to make peace with the scale.

Even if the scale doesn’t catch up for a while, I’m okay with that. I feel better. I have clothes that fit comfortably (and got rid of a bunch that don’t!) so there is no rush from that perspective. Certainly I’d like to haul fewer pounds around for those running goals I’ve got this year, but increasing my strength training and getting back on the regular-running wagon will serve those goals better than restricting my diet will. I’ll stick with this for now. Who knows – maybe I’ll even find time to make it to an actual Weight Watchers meeting to see how the spiel has changed from the leaders now that we have the new program 🙂

What helps you to stay patient with the scale?

9 responses to “Back on Weight Watchers and one month in . . .

  1. That salad is absolutely gorgeous!

    • It was delicious too! It was great because everyone could build their own mix. O had salmon, eggs and tomatoes but also tasted the lettuce and roasted peppers because he felt like a big kid eating salad with mom and dad.

  2. Being down nearly 7 pounds is a great start! The new program is definitely helping me eat less sugar, so I’m still really liking it. I’m not losing at all now though since I started eating much more carbs, but I’m okay with that since I know it’s what my body needs now.

  3. Meg B says:

    That salad looks delicious. Love that your little chef enjoyed cooking AND eating it! Congrats on your awesome loss!

  4. Anna says:

    What a great salad idea. I will have to try that at home. I especially loved that you included Os bean choice 🙂

  5. […] couple of weeks ago, when we talked about how it was going for me so far now that I’m back on Weight Watchers, I mentioned that the scale was stuck after an initial […]

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