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Weekly Wrap Up: Time to start actually running . . .

on January 11, 2016

Theoretically I’m a runner, right? I’m certainly all inspired to get up and go based on all of the amazing photos and reports from the Walt Disney World marathon yesterday! This wrap up of my workout week won’t make me look like much of a runner, but I have plans for fixing that. Speaking of the Walt Disney World marathon, huge congrats to our Weekly Wrap Up hosts Holly and Tricia for completing the marathon! Can’t wait to hear more about the race!

weekly wrap up

First, lets focus on the positive of this week’s workouts: I got in a good 3 mile run at the gym on the treadmill (it’s seriously cold and icy here right now!) and remembered how good it felt to sweat. I got in some walks and nice upper body work with snow shoveling. Plus, I met last week’s goal of two strength training sessions – one body weight only, one with weights. Of course, the less-than-good news is that there was only the one run but I have a cold that was making me cough going up and down my stairs over the weekend, so running probably wasn’t a good idea. Now the cold is isolated to just to the annoying congestion/runny nose phase so I should be good to go today. This week I am definitely grateful for Sudafed.

I also did really well with my water goal for last week. It turns out that if I have to drink water along with a soda or coffee, I can be satisfied with only the water. Not only have I had a lot more water this week, but I’ve also cut way back on soda. Win-win!! This week’s goals will be to continue my strength and water habits, but to add on a) plank a day and b) no fruit with my night time snack. We all know I can abuse the free fruit with Weight Watchers and making myself “pay” for a snack atΒ  night with points will make me pause to see if I’m actually hungry or just eating because it’s a habit. Friday night I went to a women’s running event at a local running store and got to check out some cool new winter running clothes (ordered some Saucony ultimitts for my freezing hands!) as well as chat with some other runners. The group that talked about strength training for runners talked a lot about the importance of a strong core, so I’m going to work on doing at least a little planking every day. It takes literally a minute and can do lots of good in terms of trunk stability.

The strength trainers were also having a contest to see who could swing a kettlebell most in 45 seconds. As I was in a skirt and underwear-less last Friday, like we discussed here, I skipped this part of the evening!

The strength trainers were also having a contest to see who could swing a kettlebell most in 45 seconds. As I was in a skirt and underwear-less last Friday, like we discussed here, I skipped this part of the evening!

This week’s good deed has been lots of text message consults with my sister in law about normal baby stuff. My niece is a little over a week old and I’ve been answering questions about spitting up, hiccups, what poop should look like (thankfully no pics of that yet) and lots of other things. Having a little person to be responsible for is definitely a life changing proposition, as they’re discovering. My NSV is a good one: I’ve tossed all of the clothes that make me feel badly about myself in the Goodwill pile! This means those skinny pants that only looked sort of okay at my lowest weight (and if I’m honest, I didn’t love them then either) and all of the dresses that are cut so that people ask me if I’m pregnant (way more common now than it was when I was obese!) are going to better homes. No need to keep things that don’t make me feel pretty.

I promise the only spot of my closet that is this messy is the donation pile. :)

I promise the only spot of my closet that is this messy is the donation pile. πŸ™‚

Today is the official start of the base building phase of my training plan for the Papillion Half Marathon in May. I’ve updated my plan in the tab on the side bar. I’ve tweaked the training plan I used for Des Moines this fall just a bit to reflect the hillier course in Papillion. It’s a slightly more drawn out plan because I have three weeks on call to work around, with some other tweaks for travel to Memphis and Baltimore. I like being back on a plan because I tend to be more diligent about my workouts when there’s a training schedule to stick to.

I hope you all have a good week! Anybody else find it easier to work out when you’ve got a training plan to follow?
PS Don’t forget I’m giving away a copy of Bart Yasso’s My Life on the Run – enter here and I’ll have a winner this Friday!

12 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Time to start actually running . . .

  1. I’ve been doing all my runs are the treadmill lately, thanks to the cold weather! It’s a lot easier for me to run when I have a plan to follow. I like knowing exactly what and when I’m supposed to do it. Good for you for getting rid of clothes that just make you feel bad about yourself!fr

  2. Meg B says:

    Sounds like a good week! Oh man, when my sister had her daughter, her first, I was the consultant, too. I remember those day.

  3. Definitely like following a plan too instead of winging it. I didn’t see your Friday post, so I had to go back and read about the underwear. Ha! Good thing there no accidents and nobody knew!

  4. MB Jackson says:

    Yes, a training plan makes it so much easier! Good luck!

  5. Thank you Jessica for the well wishes on the WDW Marathon. It is so easy to be inspired by those awesome pictures too. I think you’ve done a great job on getting back on track. I too find that I’ve been a slacker on my water intake since becoming a coffee drinker. I’ve put into place actions to help me on that. As far as a training plan I do so much better with something down ahead of time. Even if it means on a week by week basis. I’ll slowly start back running maybe Saturday but for sure next week. As always, thanks for linking up with us!

  6. HoHo Runs says:

    Truth be known, I have a hard time calling myself a runner but consider everyone else one. Yes, I need therapy. Great job on getting two strength sessions in. I wish I could find the motivation for that. It just isn’t there even though I know it would be good for me. I can tolerate planking, maybe I should add one a day like you. After the holidays and traveling, I’ve got to get back into a routine. I need to formulate a new training plan not based on injury. I miss my regular sweats too! I appreciate your support Jessica!

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