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Friday Favorites: A book and a laugh and a giveaway

on January 8, 2016

Let’s get to the giveaway first, shall we? A couple of months ago, I reviewed Bart Yasso’s My Life on the Run as part of Wendy’s Taking the Long Way Home book club. I purchased the book for my Kindle but forgot that it was also on my Christmas list. Oops! So, one of you lucky readers gets to have the paperback copy of the book I just received as a Christmas gift. πŸ™‚ Rather than returning it to Amazon, I thought I’d pass it along to one of you guys! Just leave me a comment below with a resolution for the New Year or book recommendation or just to say hi. I’ll randomly select a winner next Friday.

yassoSpeaking of books . . .

I have a serious job, so I’m actually reluctant to take on things that are too serious or sad in my books and movies. I need a smile to decompress. I tend to take on one good serious book and movie a year at most and am pretty selective so that it is really worth it. I’ve seen mention of the book When Breath Becomes Air several times over the last week or so and my first thoughts were “too close to home, too sad” but after reading this from the editor (love getting a glimpse of the editor side of writing!) and this from the primary author’s wife, I think this book may be worth the heartbreak. This is a memoir on dying from a 37 year old neurosurgeon, which is difficult enough in terms of content, but the excerpts I’ve read are beautiful. His wife’s piece in the New York Times (linked above) had me in tears last night, particularly the piece about putting their daughter’s socks in his pocket. I found her words on how the vows we take in marriage persisting past one partner’s death interesting and insightful. I think this might be my serious book of the year.

On a much lighter note, I’ve definitely had the same thoughts as this mom in “10 thoughts of a chubby mom in the gym,” especially #5 (jumping jacks are just asking for disaster!) and #6. I’ve never been big on protein shakes, much to the disappointment of the salespeople at my gym, because I’d much rather eat my recovery nutrients. Or eat anything really. Eating is the best. πŸ™‚

See that tongue sticking out there? Almost every pic I get from school has my kid with his tongue while he's concentrating. :) Cute, but I have to keep him armed with lip balm!

See that tongue sticking out there? Almost every pic I get from school has my kid with his tongue while he’s concentrating. πŸ™‚ Cute, but I have to keep him armed with lip balm!

Speaking of embarrassing mom things, in the mad rush to get O and I out of the house this morning, I realized halfway through pulling on my tights that I’d forgotten to put my underwear on first. Oops. I was running late and O was trying to open the bathroom door into my head as I was bent over pulling those stupid tights on when I realized this, so I just said screw it and went commando. Cross your fingers that I don’t get into a car accident on our slick winter roads today because my mom would die of embarrassment if an ambulance came for me and I had no underwear.

Tonight I’m going to a women’s running event at a local running store. Antisocial, introverted me is reluctant but I’m hoping it boosts my running mojo a bit. I also get a $20 gift certificate to the store for attending, so I’m bribing myself with the promise of new winter gloves if I make myself go.

Any big plans this weekend? Ever forget a key piece of clothing? I’ll be sure to report back on the running event!


12 responses to “Friday Favorites: A book and a laugh and a giveaway

  1. amsiebee says:

    Hiya! My new year’s resolution/goal is to run my first Marathon this year. Training started this week for the Calgary Marathon on May 29. I’m nervous and excited. In terms of a book recommendation, they are not running books, but I spent the Christmas holidays reading (well, listening on audible) to Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series. I love them, and how they took my mind off of the kilometers while running. Have a great weekend!

  2. Anna says:

    I read the wife’s article…wow. I haven’t forgotten clothing, but when I was a kid a couple times due to laundry issues I went commando to school…I was scared the whole time. My best (worst) underwear story was when I had surgery. The nurse said I could leave my underwear on. Then after the surgery waking up in the hospital bed I could feel a draft in that region. My husband later gave me back my underwear. They had given it to him in a plastic bio-hazard bag. I try not to think about being under anesthesia and and a whole surgical team wrestling off my underwear.

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  4. I started reading the wife’s article and after the first few sentences, decided that it’s something I need to read in the privacy of my home rather than at work where everyone can see me blubbering! I LOL’d at your clothing incident… and what is it with moms and underwear? One of my mom’s key pieces of advice was to always make sure you had clean underwear on in case you got into a car accident!

  5. I would love to read that book! I got The Runner’s Brain for Christmas and enjoyed it. It was such a quick read though–I wish it were longer!

  6. HoHo Runs says:

    HA! I can’t say I’ve ever forgotten my underwear. That’s hilarious! I would have just gone without too. I don’t read nearly as much as I used to. After a day at the office in front on my computer, my eyes feel so tired. I usually read when I travel though. I’d love to read this book.

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