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The rest of my 2016 goals (last one I promise!)

on January 7, 2016

The beginning of the year is all about goals and we all get tired of reading about them, I know, so I’ll apologize in advance for writing yet again about my intentions for this year but writing things down helps to cement them in my mind.

Other than the running goals we talked about Tuesday and working on making peace with the fact that I still (and may always) reach for the help of Weight Watchers in maintaining my diet, I have a few other intentions for the year. Intentions is probably a better word than goals because these aren’t measurable or specific in the way a good goal should be.

  • Do more of the things that make me happy. Seems simple right? Yet when I stop and think about the things that make me happy, like reading and cooking and taking the two extra seconds to pick out a cute pair of earrings to go with my outfit, I so rarely allow myself the time to actually do them. I’ve made a list of books to read this year that are mostly fun rather than focusing on my usual fitness/health/parenting books (here is my list on Goodreads). I got several new cookbooks for Christmas to test out and even taking the extra second to do something to feel pretty in the morning has already boosted my mood. πŸ™‚
Chopping is so soothing for me! I should do more intensive cooking time more often!

Chopping is so soothing for me! I should do more intensive cooking time more often!

  • Engage more with my husband, my family & my friends. Time is short – I should play more with the people I love, not my phone. This week, this looks like keeping my phone out of my hand for all of one meal a day with my guys and it is depressingly harder than I thought.
  • Put good out in the world. We need it. I’m going to smile more, help in big and little ways and give more.
  • Continue to improve the quality of the food I eat. This week’s water goal is a step in the right direction and I’ve noticed that this time around with Weight Watchers, I’m using fewer frankenfood crutches than I did in the past. Certainly, the point structure of the new WW discourages some of the foods with a misleading “health halo” that I used to snack on a lot like granola bars. There are definitely healthier options with less added sugar, so hopefully I’ll keep moving things in the right direction.

I think I’m going to corral all of my goals and intentions for the year as a side tab here so I can refer to them periodically and keep myself on track. It’s so easy to let the things you spend your time on stray from the things that are actually important to you in the grand scheme of things. Using these big picture ideas as a framework for my smaller, more specific goals along the way will hopefully serve as a good guidepost.

When you make goals for the year, how do you keep yourself on track? I’ve seen people with vision boards or written goals posted where they see them often, but haven’t really tried anything like that yet myself. I tend to ponder them, write them and then forget them when life gets in the way.


13 responses to “The rest of my 2016 goals (last one I promise!)

  1. love love love these goals. I agree, putting the phone down is tough, but SOOOOO important.

  2. Great goals! My year has not started out well at all. So I get to work on my goal/intention of living more joyfully! I’m being tested, aren’t I?

  3. Oh wow we sound like we were separated at birth (and it’s not just because we have the same cutting board and bench top). I like the idea of a vision board too but have never gone there. Perhaps if I did one and put it in an obvious spot in my house where I’d see it every day it might remind me to focus on the important stuff.

  4. Wannie says:

    These are goals that I also need to apply for myself! πŸ™‚ I hope we can both achieve them! πŸ™‚

  5. Meg B says:

    I love these additional goals. I love the do more things that make you happy. I know as a mom I tend to put the boys and even my husband ahead of myself and that’s not good for anyone! Go you!

  6. I love hearing about goals, so please talk about yours all you want! These are great, and your #2 is similar to one of mine. When I look back on my life, I want to remember the time I spent with the people I love, not the time I spent blogging and reading!

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