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Weekly Wrap-Up: Starting a new year

on January 4, 2016

There’s something hopeful about the start of a new year – blank pages, a chance to think about goals and intentions and lots of chances to laugh at myself as I get the date wrong inevitably. I got a laugh this morning as I learned that it is incredibly difficult to explain the concept of the new year to a 4 year old. Oliver was excited because it was a holiday but as he doesn’t really grasp the concept of a “year,” it’s hard to grasp the idea of a new one. Conversations like this are the type I just want to record and keep forever to capture this odd little window of childhood.

This week was very light on the workouts, so we won’t go through them day by day. However, I did intentionally move EVERY day, even on the days I was in the hospital waiting for my new niece (who arrived safely & looks exactly like my brother right now). I made it a point to at least get a little walk in, if nothing else. I also ran my traditional New Year’s Day 5K to start things off on the right foot and got a little more serious about stretching and foam rolling to loosen up my sore left leg from those falls on Christmas Eve. After all, it’s the new year and I’ve got running goals for 2016!

New shoes to start 2016 off right!

New shoes to start 2016 off right!

Speaking of that new niece, an impromptu road trip thrown into the middle of my week  could definitely have derailed my plans to get back on track with better food choices and the new WW system. I’m happy to say that I did really well through the trip! I loaded up on healthy snack options in the car (fruit, boiled eggs, string cheese, sugar snap peas) and when I ended up eating out for EVERY meal while I was in Oklahoma, I tracked it all and made good choices. I also stayed within my points even though most take out things “cost” more in the new system. It felt to good to end 2015 on a strong note. My good deed this week was bringing bagels to my sister in law’s nurses in labor and delivery as a thanks for all of their hard work bringing my niece to the world safely. I’m grateful that mom & baby are doing well and that I managed the long, boring road trip safely.

My NSV for this week came this weekend, when I was tired from a bad night of sleep (sick Darrell & Oliver – bad Chinese we think) and a day of solo parenting (O bounced back quickly – Darrell was down all day!). Turns out, that scenario is definitely a trigger for bad food choices for me. I’m proud of myself for taking a bite of a macaroon when I was out to lunch with O but then giving it to him to finish when I thought it was only so-so. I’m also proud of myself for packing away the leftover pizza after O’s dinner rather than taking a piece because no one was watching. Is a piece of pizza that bad? No, but that “no one would know” thought is a very dangerous one for me to give in to with my history of binge eating so I’m proud of myself for packing that pizza away! After a night of better sleep, I’m feeling back on even keel today. Darrell is feeling better, but still wiped out so I’ve got him at home with Gatorade and bland foods for another day.

It was harder to wrap up and put away this mediocre pizza than it should have been.

It was harder to wrap up and put away this mediocre pizza than it should have been.

 This week, I’m going to start a warm up running schedule to get me in shape to start training for my spring half marathon in a couple of weeks. I’m going to do the same Hanson-esque training I did in the fall because I really liked how I felt on that frequent running plan (for the most part anyway) and I know that I need to get warmed up back up before I start that level of running. I’ve only run once or twice a week for the last month or more! Time to move again – even if it is freezing! I got brand new shoes for Christmas and spent the gift card I got from co-workers on three new pairs of running socks yesterday, so I’m ready to go!

I’ve done some thinking and realized I always lose track of big monthly goals, so instead I’m just going to set a couple of little goals each week in service of my grander intentions this year. Up first: Strength training twice this week (on the calendar Tuesday & Thursday) and drinking a glass of water anytime I drink something that ISN’T water. I find that if I set a goal of drink “x” amount of water a day, I tend to drink it first thing in the morning and then in a mad rush at bedtime to catch up. Instead, this week I’ll just make myself get a glass of water any time I get a cup of coffee or soda or whatever. I started this little experiment on New Years and I have to say that it has actually DECREASED my soda intake because I’ve found myself thinking “well, if I have to drink water TOO I might as well just drink water alone.”

Imagine all the extra steps I'm going to get for trips to the bathroom.

Imagine all the extra steps I’m going to get for trips to the bathroom.

Our lovely Weekly Wrap Up hosts, Holly and Tricia, are both off to run the Walt Disney World marathon this week. I can’t wait to see pictures! Let’s be sure to cheer them on!

weekly wrap up

Anything exciting coming up in your week?

15 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Starting a new year

  1. I love the idea of creating small weekly goals; I also lose track of my monthly goals, so I think I’ll use this idea also to keep my goals more at the forefront. Great job staying on track with all the traveling! I’m glad everyone is feeling better–I HATE when everyone is sick!

  2. Coco says:

    Great strategy for drinking more water! I do OK during the day but am trying to remember to have water in the evening.

  3. Meg B says:

    Good luck getting back into the swing of running. I am working on the same thing. It’s just so hard to get our of my warm bed in the morning!!!

  4. HUGE kudos for doing so well with making smart food choices and tracking while traveling to end the year right. Congrats on your new niece! And I had no idea that kids don’t understand the concept of a year–how cute! Happy new year!

    • I never thought about it either until I tried to explain it to him. I should have expected it though. He’s only realized in the few months that yesterday means one specific day in the past, not EVERY day in the past. Now we get a lot of “yesterday but a long time ago” or “yesterday but not yesterday” when he tries to explain things.

  5. Anna says:

    Wow! I can’t believe you managed to snack well and eat on plan the whole time in OK – you are a superstar 🙂 Nobody’s looking food is always tough – way to pack it away.

  6. HoHo Runs says:

    Kudos for running the 5k to start the year out right! I really like your water tip. I’m going to do that with my coffee. I bet I cut down on coffee! I also like your idea of smaller goals. I don’t like making NY Resolutions. They seem to set me up for failure. I think smaller goals are easier to manage. Smaller bites, so to speak. I’m glad your family is feeling better. Stomach bugs and food poisoning are rough stuff to handle. Thanks for linking with us Jessica! Happy New Year!

  7. Love the shoes! I wore several pairs of the Ghost 6’s until I could no longer find them in my size anywhere. The Ghost 7’s were a little narrow in the toe box for me, but I still wear them on casual Friday’s at work. Cutting out sodas and sweet tea made a big difference in maintaining my weight. Now, all I drink is water.

  8. […] to improve the quality of the food I eat. This week’s water goal is a step in the right direction and I’ve noticed that this time around with Weight Watchers, […]

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