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Weekly Wrap-Up: Holiday week!

on December 28, 2015

I’m listening to thee new Adele CD, watching the snowfall and trying to use my crystal ball to determine when the roads are going to get truly bad so I can get my staff out of here in time. Gotta love Nebraska winter weather. 🙂 Snow shoveling will definitely be today’s workout!

weekly wrap up

My favorite workouts this holiday week were the walks I took with Oliver every evening to look at Christmas lights early in the week before the snow & cold got too bad. It was lovely to have that time to chat with him and take in the lights. I miss them so much when they’re gone! On Wednesday, I realized that I was only 56 minutes away from getting to 36 hours of activity in the holiday season in my Lovely Ladies Losing It holiday challenge, which was just the motivation I needed to keep moving through the holidays.


Ugly Sweater 5K – lots of slipping and sliding!

Thursday morning, I headed out in the snow for a virtual Ugly Sweater 5K and as you can tell from the pics, it was a slip-slide-y adventure. I’m still feeling some of those falls! I also got in some shoveling and play time out in the snow, so it was a very active day. It turns out, I stink at making snowmen so I just threw snowballs with O instead while Darrell made our snowman. 🙂

I got a TRX-like suspension system for Christmas, so of course I had to try it out Friday! It was a lot of fun and making strength training fun is something I desperately need. I did a little run through of the various exercises and felt it for two days in my upper body! I definitely need to stick with these!


I got new shoes for Christmas, so I couldn’t resist the urge to get out to run again over the weekend even though it was SUPER cold (in the teens with single digit “feels like” temps). I forgot how heavy that kind of cold makes my legs feel, but it was good to try out the new shoes even if it was a short & slow run. I looked at the calendar and realized that I need to start training for my spring half marathon in just a couple of weeks, so I’d better get these legs running again.

My first week back on WW went well, which is particularly impressive since it included Christmas. I notice that I’m eating a TON more veggies, which is good, and making better choices has felt fairly easy overall. There’s something about the “on plan” switch in my head that makes it easy to say no to cookies and candy for the most part. My office will be thrilled to see the candy drawer refilled with all of the goodies my mom put in my stocking that I’ll be sharing.

That 188 was in the midst of cookie-apocalypse, so likely a little inflated.

That 188 was in the midst of cookie-apocalypse, so likely a little inflated.

I treated myself to the new Star Wars movie on Saturday, which was fun. That time to myself was a lovely Christmas gift. My good deed this week was making Darrell take the snow blower over to deal with the neighbors’ driveway on Thursday after we did ours – does that delegated good deed count? 🙂 My NSV is the fact that I’ve noticed I’m pausing now any time I go to get a snack to check “Am I actually hungry?” The answer isn’t always yes and I can redirect myself. I’m grateful that we got to spend the holiday together, safe and smiling. I hope you did too!

I don’t actually have huge plans this week (other than lots of shoveling). We tend not to celebrate New Year’s much other than traditional Southern New Year’s foods and lots of introspection and goal setting on my  part. O and I always draw a new picture for our walls on New Year’s Eve/Day too. Other than that, we’re not big partiers and I’ll actually probably sleep through the ball drop! How do you celebrate the New Year?

Thanks as always to Holly and Tricia for hosting our Weekly Wrap Up!

13 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Holiday week!

  1. I keep hearing about the warm spell we got here in the east and forgot that other parts of the country have snow and cold! It only snowed here once this season so far, and that was just a dusting. I’m sure we’re due for it soon! Sounds like a good first week on WW! Mine was not as good since I fell off the wagon & haven’t been tracking. Need to get back to it. Glad you had a good holiday!

    • I’m about to have an impromptu trip down to Oklahoma (my brother’s first baby is coming a little early!) so my second week on plan may not look so good. I don’t know that the new plan is particularly road trip friendly.

  2. We’re still hoping for snow around here – it’s been so warm! How were the new shoes? Are they Ghosts? I’m doing a lot of shoe researching because I’m going to need new ones sooner rather than later!

  3. The weather has been just crazy, hasn’t it? Today we had snow, ice, and rain…

  4. Oh you got a suspension system for Christmas? How cool, yup I agree it is fun to get new things to change up the workouts! Tell me about this you draw a new picture on your wall? That sounds interesting! We are headed to New Orleans for New Years Eve. We had already planned on being there New Years Day to go to the Sugar Bowl but decided, heck we need to be in NOLA for all the festivities that night. I think I got word the festivities may mean sitting at a bar watching football, but meh it’s ok. 😉

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    I’ve never been a fan of New Years Eve or making resolutions for that matter. I’m usually thinking about how quickly the year was over and how many things I didn’t get to. I’m also asleep before midnight. I can say I’ve never shoveled snow. I do love to snow ski and wish I lived somewhere closer to that white stuff. Thanks for linking Jessica and Happy New Year.

  6. We had a lot of storms this past week with temps in the 70’s and awful humidity. As much as I’d like a cool down, I don’t envy people with snow right now. It’s so pretty, but I’d hate to be out in it shoveling. I don’t ever make big plans for the New Year either. I’m usually in bed before midnight.

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