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Friday Favorites: A week until Christmas!

on December 18, 2015

The little kid in me is already having trouble getting to sleep at night as we get closer and closer to Christmas. 🙂 That really burned me (literally!) this morning since I couldn’t wind down until 11 pm last night but woke up at 5 am today so I could be at work early to help with a big project. I have to use the peroxide-based contact lens cleaners and apparently because I was up so late, they hadn’t had time to adequate neutralize and when I put them in my eyes were on FIRE! You’ve definitely got to be careful with those. So, turns out today is a glasses day. That’s okay – makes me look smarter, right?

Love the slippers!

Love the slippers!

Last night, I went to watch a junior high production of A Christmas Carol in which a friend’s son was Scrooge. Don’t you love Oscar the Grouch slippers on Scrooge? Seems perfect, right? The play was full of that adolescent awkwardness that comes with school plays at this age and for that reason, I found it utterly charming. It was a great dose of the holiday spirit.

On to my favorite things I’ve read this week:

This article by Elizabeth Gilbert includes advice we all need at this time of year: stop worrying about all of the things we aren’t doing or should be doing or should do as well as our neighbors or whatever. Stop. Stop with the comparisons, stop with the self doubt; start being kind. We are enough, whether we ever get our gifts wrapped or purchased or Pinterest crafts done or cookies baked – it’s enough. I may need to tell myself that about a thousand times.

Speaking of advice we all (including me) should heed at the holidays, I like this list of the “10 commandments of Christmas morning.” The second one – that mom gets a bra before any photos are taken – is crucial! Number 9, with the same gift? That’s happened in our house. Darrell has gotten me the same robe twice now. In his defense, it is a lovely robe.


There were two running related articles I’ve seen recently that I really enjoyed. The first, Bad at Running, is a fantastic look at why it is worth it to run even if you don’t want to get better at it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re not very good at something or if you don’t want to improve – it has value even when imperfectly executed and running is definitely like that. I took a pottery class when I lived in Little Rock and there was a neurosurgeon in my class. He told me he loved being able to come do something that he was allowed to do badly because he wasn’t allowed to fail in his job. I can definitely appreciate that sentiment.

I also really identified with this article on what it is like to run with lupus. The unpredictability of lupus and its invisibility make it an interesting complication to have in life. You can’t always tell from the outside that I’m having a bad lupus day. I hide the rash under sleeves (mine tends to show up on my forearms) and the Alleve masks the swelling for anyone but my husband and my rheumatologist to notice. I may look normal but have a day where I’m aching all over. It’s definitely hard because there are days when you don’t feel like moving, much less running, and yet I know the running makes me feel physically better. It was somehow comforting to read about someone with experiences so much like my own. It reinforces for me again how important it is that we tell our stories, because we never know who it might be helping.

Tonight, my parents are in theory coming in to town to visit for part of the weekend. O is very excited. The unpredictability of their visits (when will they get here? how long will they stay?) adds a bit of stress for me because I like to have a food plan for guests, but it is worth the stress to see how excited O is about seeing Nana and GrandDad. We also have my last holiday party of the year tonight, which should be fun (in no small part because it the LAST one!) and my husband plans on doing some blog maintenance for me tonight after the party, if my parents are here to watch O. It may not seem like a romantic date, hanging out at Village Inn for pie and coffee and WiFi to tweak the blog, but it is in fact a lovely gift that he’s giving me with his time and technical know how. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend! Be careful around all of the last minute shoppers if you’re out and about!


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