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Finding things to laugh at

on December 17, 2015

I’m a big believer in laughter as a stress reliever, so I thought I’d share some of the things that have made me laugh in my little world lately.

"Mom, what's this for? Is it a money machine?" while O and I were washing our hands in a women's restroom at his doctor's appointment this morning.

“Mom, what’s this for? Is it a money machine?” while O and I were washing our hands in a women’s restroom at his doctor’s appointment this morning.

  • A sign that it has been too long since your last run? When you go to put on your shoes and find that the toe is stuffed with underwear from your trip out of town a WEEK ago! I stuffed my shoes full of various bits of dirty laundry, etc to save space in my suitcase – apparently including underwear (not usual – I must have been tired). I missed this when I unpacked and didn’t realize it for over a week. Oops!


  • This monkey scared me to death! My neighbors have lots of these little light up animals. The monkey is new this year. Unlike ALL of the other the critters, who are not mobile, this little freaky monkey moves his head. Just his head, in that slow, horror movie doll way. I realized this as I was walking by in the dark and caught it out of the corner of my eye. I literally jumped.


  • Oliver saw this tackle box at Cabela’s when we were out Christmas shopping for my dad. He asked me “Is this a tackle box, Mama? When I catch tackles, I put them in here? And they grow up to be frogs?” We started off good and veered off course. Words are tricky. I would have never considered tackle and tadpole so similar before.


  • I took that exam last week to recertify for part of my professional licensure (passed!) and it did not help my ego one bit to walk straight into the bathroom stall door on the way out of the building. I am such a klutz!
  • I treated myself to some fun holiday nail polish yesterday and while trying to a take a pic of my nails for my Instagram #grateful and taking time for me moment last night, I accidentally got my husband in the background in his underwear. That took some strategic cropping to fix! He was not amused.


What’s making you laugh today?


8 responses to “Finding things to laugh at

  1. I prepped some grapes last night to take to work today, and didn’t notice until I sat down for lunch that I’d grabbed the container of black beans instead of the grapes 😀

  2. These made my laugh, especially the last one! You should link them up tomorrow with Marcia’s Healthy Slice–she’s hosting runfessions. These are perfect. I’m working on mine as we speak, so you’ll have to wait…

  3. MB Jackson says:

    funny post! I always stuff in my shoes too! My boots were perfect wine bottle holders this past weekend! 🙂 Thank you so much for the Christmas card- what a fun surprise!

  4. Meg B says:

    HAHAHA sorry, but the accidental underwear shot made me laugh. That is awesome!

    My mom came over to watch the guys on Thursday. She went to the bathroom and when she got out C said in his most excited voice, “Nana you went potty by yourself! Great job!”

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