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Weekly Wrap-Up: Starting to feel the spirit!

on December 14, 2015

This won’t be my typical day by day recap. Instead, we’re going to hit the high points and the highest point is definitely the fact that I’ve finally found some Christmas spirit! I took time through the weekend to do lots of holiday things like to go to Oliver’s pre-K to decorate cookies:

I frosted and he sprinkled - and he even shared the cookie with me!

I frosted and he sprinkled – and he even shared the cookie with me!

We drove around to look at Christmas lights and I drooled over some of my neighbors’ elaborate displays. We put up our own cheerful little lights. I wrapped gifts, I took a bath, I read a book – all great things.

I also did lots of baking at home, including yummy cranberry pistachio biscotti for my secret Santa (my first attempt at biscotti – yum!) and FINALLY a sugar cookie recipe that IĀ  can get to work with my abundance of cookie cutters. I’ve never found one before that really held its shape after baking.


I don’t even particularly like sugar cookies, but these are good and gave me an excuse to play with frosting and sprinkles and my awesome geeky cookie cutters. I have Star Wars too but I ate the Millenium Falcon cookie before this pic was taken. šŸ™‚ I also took the weekend off from tracking, which felt good. I still made good choices, but instead of defaulting to choices where I knew the exact calorie counts, I just ate healthy food (that Millenium Falcon cookie was mentally healthy). And COOKED healthy food. I forgot how much I love to cook.

I also got out for a run which felt fantastic even though it was 30 degrees and raining. It just felt good to gift myself that time and to really move. Other than that run, I did lots of walking this week and got in two rounds of strength training. Yay me!!

I feel so much more centered and you know what? I was able to get all of that “me” time in while still keeping the kitchen clean and the laundry from overtaking us and finishing the last two papers I have for my master’s classes. I say that not to make me seem great but rather to remind myself that I spend a lot of time stressing over things that are totally doable. I just have to change my perspective on it all and taking the time for a couple of nice-to-me things made everything else that was going on seem easier.

It helps when Oliver considers cleaning time family time. He asked if he could vacuum after he got cookie crumbs on the floor - who am I to say no?

It helps when Oliver considers cleaning time family time. He asked if he could vacuum after he got cookie crumbs on the floor – who am I to say no?

I am feeling much more centered going into this week, which is a huge relief. This week, I’m grateful for so much – good friends to support me as I right the ship, secret Santa gifts, cookies, Christmas lights, you name it. šŸ™‚ I’m tackling this Monday with a grateful heart! Our good deed this week was delivering a Christmas gift for the Boys and Girls Club to our local Village Inn. It makes my heart smile to see my boy doing good. I asked him if he had choose between getting more gifts for himself and getting gifts for a kid who didn’t have as many toys as he did and he said he’d get the other kid toys because he has a lot. So sweet! I need to keep building that generous spirit.

Dropping off presents!

Dropping off presents!

My NSV is giving myself the weekend off from tracking because it honestly just felt like too much and yet not going overboard – particularly impressive with all of the baking I did!

Thanks as always to Tricia and Holly for hosting our weekly wrap-up. I’m particularly excited for Holly today that she’s back to running after a long hiatus due to injury so be sure to go cheer her on!

weekly wrap up

What gets you in the holiday spirit?


11 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Starting to feel the spirit!

  1. Love all the positive energy! It’s the key to a lifetime of happiness! Or at least making the holidays great!! šŸ™‚

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    Oh, thanks for the shout out! Very sweet! It is ALL about perspective, isn’t it? We allow ourselves to feel stress when the power not to is simply in our minds! I can’t tell you how often I tell myself to LET IT GO. Oliver will remember all those special holiday memories, I bet especially making cookies. How cool you made the millennium falcon. Shh…don’t tell my teens! We will do our candy making this weekend. Thanks for linking with us Jessica! Have a great week.

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling more centered! I am definitely feeling a bit more relaxed after cooking my freezer meals and getting some of the main socialization stuff out of the way. Things are somewhat winding down, so I’ll be able to enjoy Christmas at last. And those cookies look fabulous!

  4. Your sugar cookies are beautiful! Sugar cookies are my favorite to eat but least favorite to bake because the decorating is so tedious. Congrats on going overboard while not tracking–definitely a great accomplishment. I think one of my 2016 goals is to not be so dependent on tracking, so I want to start trying it out for short periods at a time, like weekends.

  5. Oh wow your cookies look so pretty and look at that detail!!!! Oh please share with me your sugar cookie recipe! I’m am somewhat embarrassed at the attempt we had this year at making our annual Christmas cookies. Usually, they turn out fine. Ok I do confess I use the premade rolls (head hung in shame) ;( So as you can tell I’m a little desperate!
    Holly definitely needs the cheers and well wishes on her foot! I appreciate you thinking of her and you for joining us in the Weekly Wrap!

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