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Holiday Stocking Ideas

on December 9, 2015

I happen to know that my dear husband hasn’t really start holiday shopping yet (love you anyway!), so it seems like a good Wednesday for my annual stocking stuffer list. Yes, I’m a grown woman who still likes getting a stocking FULL of goodies – don’t judge.

Stockings became a little trickier when I started trying to lose weight and get healthier a few years ago. Prior to this, I’d say my stocking was 80% full of chocolate and I was totally okay with that. Now, Darrell tries to focus on other things beyond just the sweets so that I still get fun stuff but don’t a) get tempted to overindulge or binge or b) end up giving it all away.

I absolutely endorse including a few treats in a stocking! Christmas doesn’t have to be a candy-free zone, by any means, but when you’re trying to make changes for a healthier lifestyle, keeping those treats as a small and truly “worth it” indulgences is a good idea.

Other things you might include:

– Living in the super dry Midwest, I love little hand lotions and can never have too many since they’re in my car, my purse, my work bag, my offices – everywhere. Small sizes also allow you to splurge on some nicer, more luxurious feeling creams than you might use in a whole body size.

Love this stuff!

Love this stuff!

– Speaking of hands, new nail polish for fingernails and toenails can be fun both because it’s nice to have a little party on the ends of your hands and feet and because that represents at least a little time to yourself if you’re going to have time to actually use it.

–  I saw some sugar cookie and other holiday flavored teas at my local grocery store, which would be a great healthy treat to include in a stocking. Calorie-free, full of antioxidants, and a wonderful treat to relax with at the end of the day!

– Gift certificates for new music or audio books, from Amazon or iTunes or Audible, would be a great way to keep your loved one entertained while they’re out walking/running/elliptical-ing, etc. I know that I personally rarely treat myself to new music UNLESS I happen to get a gift card or something that prompts me to treat myself. New headphones might also be a good treat. I’m not the only one who is constantly losing mine, am I?

– I’ve gotta say, I’m always a fan of jewelry and it doesn’t have to be anything swanky! Some of my favorite earrings are Target costume jewelry. There’s also some fun running or other activity specific motivational jewelry out there.

– Anything that lets your loved one take a little time to be nice to themselves, like bath salts or bubble bath or knitting needles – you know your people best. The important thing is to give them permission to practice a little self kindness. As a busy working mom, a coupon for breakfast in bed (or even better – sleeping in with the rest of the family having breakfast somewhere outside the house!) or an hour of uninterrupted reading time would be heavenly.

The candy drawer at work always end up full after I get a large chunk of treats at home. I try to get it out of my reach as soon as I can!

The candy drawer at work always end up full after I get a large chunk of treats at home. I try to get it out of my reach as soon as I can!

My stocking from my mom will be full of a ton of candy (which everyone in my office will appreciate) and an assortment of gag gifts. The funniest part will be the inclusion of gifts intended for someone other than me, because she gets distracted packing stockings and I frequently end up with gifts for Darrell or Oliver in my stash. 🙂

What kind of things do you like to get in your stocking? I’m not the only grown up who still looks forward to stockings, am I? My list this year, I think in keeping with my goal of taking time to treat myself this month, is definitely focused more on stealing moments for myself. Even little pauses where we do something kind for ourselves can be powerful.

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5 responses to “Holiday Stocking Ideas

  1. These are great ideas! You’ve just helped me out, thanks! 🙂

  2. Jill Walker says:

    What awesome ideas! I will definitely keep these in mind. Growing up, all we ever got in our stockings was ‘fruits and nuts and candy’, lol. I did try to branch out a bit with my kids, but never really got into it as much as I would have liked. But I may just start some new traditions….thanks!

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