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Friday Favorites: Blogger Breakfast Date!

on December 4, 2015

Fingers crossed that I’m going to have a smoother day getting back to Omaha than I did getting out here to Portland on Wednesday! On the plus side, I got to start my day today with breakfast with the lovely Mary of RunstoGetWaisted (and a fabulous breakfast!).

Mary seriously rocks IRL - follow her if you don't!

Mary seriously rocks IRL – follow her if you don’t!

Speaking of Mary, I told you guys around the #CarryMaryMarathon on Monday. Check out her whole race report here from Seattle and this fantastic post about the power of finding the family you choose.

Some other things I enjoyed this week:

  • I love Patty’s playlist for getting through December without losing your activity mojo. I’m going to have to download those. I love the idea of running through the Christmas lights with a holiday soundtrack. 🙂
I loved this tree outside my hotel in Portland. Even though I was tired, I wanted to head back out to run again last night just to run through the lights.

I loved this tree outside my hotel in Portland. Even though I was tired, I wanted to head back out to run again last night just to run through the lights.

  • Laura’s advice is always great and in her holiday tips, I particularly appreciate the point about using all of your senses. Food is always so much more satisfying if it’s on a plate and looks pretty and if we take the time to notice it as we taste it, smell it and see it.
  • If you’re looking for support and motivation to finish the year, check out this post and group with Mariana for her #UnfluffYourStuff Project. I like that she’s focusing on doing something every day – doesn’t have to be fitness, doesn’t have to be huge, just do SOMETHING. Very doable 🙂

This weekend, we’re planning on doing a Christmas light scavenger hunt (like this one or this one) and trying out Santa with Oliver again. Fingers crossed as we haven’t had much Santa luck in the past couple of years! We’re also going to decorate our house and Christmas tree for the holidays. Oliver was very excited to be tasked with getting all of the decorations out and ready for when I get home. 🙂

I’m also in the mood to cook, which my husband will be thrilled to hear, so hopefully I’ll get some quality kitchen time in too. I always feel more inclined to hang out in the kitchen when it is cold outside. I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I try any recipes that are particularly great!

Have you ever met an online friend in real life? I confess that as an uber-introvert I was a little nervous about meeting someone “new” but it turns out that online friendships really can translate to the real world and it felt like I was chatting with a friend I’d known forever (because I was!).

18 responses to “Friday Favorites: Blogger Breakfast Date!

  1. Patty H says:

    Thanks girl! Let’s make December AWESOME!

  2. It was truly a pleasure meeting up and seeing one of my fellow Lovely Ladies in person! So glad we were able to do it!

  3. Jill Walker says:

    It was actually a meet-up of a big group of online friends that got me started on my health journey at the beginning of this year. One of our group had a B&B in Louisville, which seemed to be pretty centrally located, so we all converged on her for the weekend, from all across the country. An AWESOME time was had by all…and lots of pics were taken and posted on FB. It’s all good when you can post (and moderate) your own pics….but when someone else is posting pics THEY took of you…ugh. It was a hard slap of reality…just what I needed to get myself in gear and take charge of my life again! And the ladies I met? My dearest, closest friends…from all across the country. We had a blast, felt like we’d known each other all our lives, and it was one of the absolute best experiences of my life. So glad you guys got to meet!

  4. Tiina says:

    I’m so happy that you got to meet each other and super jealous! The group has really turned into something awesome and I love that it translates to real life 🙂

  5. So so so glad you guys got to meet! So happy for you and I love our little bunch of friends!

  6. Meg B says:

    Aw man, you two meeting makes me tear up a bit. It is awesome!!!

  7. Glad you got to meet a blogger friend. That tree is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to look out my hotel window to that!

  8. Anna says:

    The Christmas light scavenger hunt is totally on our list. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. We love scavenger hunts on road trips. Super happy that you had a great time with Mary. I am a little nervous about meeting up with everyone in person too.

  9. Thanks for the shoutout!

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