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Weekly Wrap-Up: Feeling a bit wrung out . . .

on November 30, 2015

I’m not sure if I’m coming or going this Monday, I’ve gotta be honest. We got back last night from our trip to Nana’s, a 7 hour drive in the rain that thankfully went well from a road safety and a traveling child perspective. I got everything unpacked and put away last night, a huge win, but realized mid-un-packing that I’ve just got to pack back up again Tuesday evening for a work trip Wednesday. That’s only a two night trip and it’ll take me to Portland to meet the lovely Mary from RunstoGetWaisted (more about her down below!) and to run a bit in Oregon to check Oregon off of my 50 states. Still, all this travel plus Oliver’s cold has me fuzzy headed. I looked at my calendar in my office today and realized I’ve been home all of 12 days in the month of November. Bonkers! I’m ready for a break. I’m reminding myself that I’m fortunate to have a job that allows me to travel to see new places and also to take vacation time with my family (which has been the bulk of my travel this month) to counteract my current whining a bit. After this little hop to Portland, I don’t have any travel on the horizon for a while and I can settle in to enjoy the holiday season.


Monday I was thankfully able to get out for a little run while O played with my parents and then did an hour of digging and weeding in my parents yard. I’m not used to work like that anymore!

Tuesday Oliver and I spent another day helping with yard work at my parents’ house, which definitely counts as a workout given how sore my back was afterwards!

Wednesday Oliver and I headed out together for a little run/walk/flower picking and then did some strength training together back inside. Nothing like a little dude hanging out underneath you to make you hold a plank longer!

I loved the little walk/run, with flower picking, that O & I enjoyed together amidst the holiday chaos.

I loved the little walk/run, with flower picking, that O & I enjoyed together amidst the holiday chaos.

Thursday I ran 3.1 miles for Meg’s virtual 5K, which was just as fun as driving out to an actual race start somewhere would have been I’m sure and easier to work around my cooking schedule, although I did get a little spooked by a coyote while I was out there! It was seriously dark!

Friday Lots and lots of steps while I was shopping, including a rainy walk to Old Navy while my husband was in Best Buy shopping and an extra walk when I got home at the end of the day to get to my step goal for the day.

Saturday Amazingly few steps on Saturday which is weird for me, but we spent the whole day hanging out watching football and decorating the tree. What few steps I got were up and down the ladder to decorate the tree, which definitely counts, right? I got in some strength training and yoga before bed, so this wasn’t a loss of a workout day.

Sunday I got to participate in a very fun virtual race on Sunday. The Lovely Ladies Losing It group came together for the #carrymaryhalfmarathon, to help our friend Mary finish her full marathon. She had to drop to the half in Seattle instead of her originally planned full due to injury, so we divided up those extra 13.1 miles among us to help her run the whole marathon in spirit. My chunk was two miles in the cold and the rain, but I smiled the whole time thinking about how cool it was that women all over the country were coming together to help Mary with her marathon in spirit.

It was seriously soggy in Arkansas!

It was seriously soggy in Arkansas!

I’ll be honest –  this week was a struggle food wise. As it went further and further along, I found myself struggling with the urge to binge more and more often. My NSV this week is definitely the fact that I consciously made the choice to shut the door on the week when we were driving home yesterday. I got fries with my grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald’s because I (consciously or unconsciously?) didn’t ask for apples instead and since I had a large Diet Coke, naturally I had the giant fries. I’m proud of myself for eating only a couple and then burying them under all of the fast food garbage so I didn’t eat more. The temptation to say “screw it” and eat them all was strong.

Evil golden arches!

Evil golden arches!

I’m grateful that we were able to travel to and from my parents’ house safely and that we were all able to spend the holiday together. Not all families are so fortunate, I know. My favorite good deed was helping a woman to the last of Target’s $10 seasons of the Flash on DVD while we were shopping Friday. She seemed surprised to have someone be helpful in the midst of holiday shopping, which is a sad little commentary on the state of holiday shopping.

I’ve closed the door on last week, food wise, and am already back to tracking and my normal routine this week. We started our morning with ice, so I haven’t gotten a workout in yet, but I definitely will tonight. How do you get “reset” after a holiday?


I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia as usual. Thanks as always for hosting ladies! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!
weekly wrap up

13 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Feeling a bit wrung out . . .

  1. Sounds like you had a busy but wonderful week. Glad you guys made it home safely and here’s to being able to spend some quality non-travel time at home soon (after you visit Mary of course!) Hope you have a safe (and fun) trip!

  2. mkadens1 says:

    You are not alone on being off the tracks food wise last week. I was right there with you. I try to keep my workouts going and my goal is to stay on track as much as possible until Christmas. I’ve got a few parties in there so it won’t be perfection but better than no effort at all.

  3. I give you credit for doing well with a hectic week involving travel. I splurged on Thanksgiving and the day after and what helped me reset was committing to tracking for the rest of the weekend. I love the group challenge to help your friend finish her marathon in spirit! The running community is simply the best!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving at your parents house. You did a wonderful job of fitting in activity. The Carry Mary Half was an awesome idea! I know Mary must have been touched. I like your statement about shutting the door on your week. If we slip up, there’s nothing we can do but move forward anyway. Shut the door and leave it behind — love it! I hope you have a wonderful week, Jessica and appreciate you linking with us!

  5. You had a very busy week! I love traveling but hate packing and unpacking. I love the Carry Mary half marathon idea. That’s what I love most about the running community is everyone rallies in support of one another. I’m sure she really appreciated your support.

  6. Girl I know exactly about unpacking then packing back up! We just came off a week of vacation visiting family, with Disney thrown in and a 3 day work week to pack it all back up and head to Memphis for a race on Saturday! I guess we will just rest next week. Ha! Working out in the yard is totally a workout! All that bending over and over again really has my hamstrings and back on fire the next day! Thanks for your continued support in our Weekly Wrap link up!

  7. […] of Mary, I told you guys around the #CarryMaryMarathon on Monday. Check out her whole race report here from Seattle and this fantastic post about the power of […]

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