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Friday Favorites: (Early!) Thanksgiving edition

on November 20, 2015

I know it isn’t Thanksgiving quite yet, but it will be in less than a week! With vacation and a holiday, this month has flown by. I definitely have a Thanksgiving theme to this week’s round up, with some of my favorite vacation pictures sprinkled in. It’s hard to believe I was in Disney World just a week ago!

We were THOSE parents with the inappropriately young kid on Tower of Terror.

We were THOSE parents with the inappropriately young kid on Tower of Terror.

That pic is one of my favorites from this vacation, weirdly. O LOVED Tower of Terror on Tuesday night and begged to ride it again. When we took him the next morning, he started shrieking and begging to get off pretty much as soon as the doors closed. He cried the WHOLE time and people gave us the evil eye for having him on the ride so young. We tried to defend ourselves a bit at the end or I did at least – as you can see, Darrell found the whole thing to be funny.

There have been a lot of “surviving Thanksgiving” posts on the web this week. Check out this list of 10 ways to beat holiday overeating, 17 no-diet tricks to keep off holiday weight and Runner’s World’s How to avoid packing on pounds. Of these, my favorite tip and the one I’ll definitely use is the three bite rule – Three bites of the indulgent things is probably enough, so I’ll definitely be keeping the portion of those things small and setting a time limit on myself before I can go back for more.

Eskimo kisses with Daisy - she's such a flirt :)

Eskimo kisses with Daisy – she’s such a flirt 🙂

One of my indulgences is definitely the homemade macaroni and cheese I make for Darrell every year. Macaroni and cheese isn’t a regular item on my family’s holiday table, but it was for Darrell’s family so I make sure to have it for him every year. Alton Brown’s recipe is absolutely the best (here) and totally worth the calories!

Cinderella is Oliver's absolute favorite princess. :)

Cinderella is Oliver’s absolute favorite princess. 🙂

Because I’m someone who likes to think of what I CAN have rather than what I shouldn’t, I appreciated this article from Runner’s World on some of the healthy things I SHOULD eat at Thanksgiving. Turkey is really my favorite part of Thanksgiving, so I was happy to see it on the list.

Lastly, for a laugh as we get ready for the kick off of holiday shopping season AFTER Thanksgiving (I for one refuse to go shopping ON Thanksgiving), check out this article about the 2015 Goop Gift Guide. It’s amazing what people will spend money on.

Wish me luck and safe travels tonight! I have to drive from Omaha to Lincoln to give a lecture tonight and we’re supposed to get our first snow of the year during my travel time. You’d think people in the Midwest would be better at snow, but people always freak out a bit driving in the first snow storm of the year.

Anybody have big plans this weekend?


6 responses to “Friday Favorites: (Early!) Thanksgiving edition

  1. Be safe!!! We have NO plans this weekend, and I love it! LOL 🙂

  2. Anna says:

    Love your Disney pictures, especially Daisy 🙂

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