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Weekly Wrap-Up: Vacation Week

on November 16, 2015

We actually spent all of last week at Disney World for vacation, so my workouts for the week looked a lot like this:


Loads and loads of park walking, plus some interludes of climbing and playing with O on the playgrounds:

A little time on the playground where no one is telling you to stand in line or sit still and follow instructions is good for your mood when you're four. It's good for mom's upper body strength when you drag her along!

A little time on the playground where no one is telling you to stand in line or sit still and follow instructions is good for your mood when you’re four. It’s good for mom’s upper body strength when you drag her along!

Given that, this won’t be much of a wrap up in terms of workouts. Hopefully Tricia and Holly won’t mind me joining the link up anyway!

weekly wrap up

The vacation week was good overall. I tried to do a good deed every day, mostly helping other parents struggling in the park. I had a good laugh with one mom as I helped her maneuver her tray full of lunch garbage into the garbage can while her children (definitely old enough to be helping according to her) looked on. I’m grateful that I got to build so many memories with my family like this one:

The character interactions we had were so fun!

The character interactions we had were so fun!

I’m also truthfully a little grateful that I’m back home and back to normal life. Vacation is lovely, but I’m craving getting back into a healthy routine before the holidays hit. NSV wise I had some wins on vacation, especially with not finishing things that weren’t great (here’s looking at you hot quinoa breakfast cereal) but I did finish lots of things that were good (it’s own NSV – yay for not restricting!) so getting back to healthy eating is a very good idea right now. I actually spent the plane ride home meal planning for this week and went shopping yesterday so I could start us all off on the right foot.

Yesterday, I checked off one of my goals for the month by doing a workout class at my gym – yoga. I confess I was a little distracted by the older gentlemen behind me who kept up a running narration of “God help me” and “Are you kidding me?” throughout the whole class. I’m guessing he’d been dragged there against his will.

I’m hoping to hit up another class of some type next weekend. Otherwise, this week I’m going to do a couple of strength workouts, run a little and see what kind of mood I’m in to keep moving on the other days. I’m going to join in with the Thankful Journey 5K (check it out here) because I like the idea of dedicating a run to gratitude this week, between a vacation and holiday chaos.

Thankful Journey 5K 2015 AJourneyToThin.com Button_thumbIt’s a little crazy to think that we just got back from vacation and will be out of school and work again next week for Thanksgiving! Thank goodness this one is going to be a very busy one at work so I can at least get something done. We’re also scheduled to get our first snow this week, which is weirdly late for us but I confess I’m looking forward to it. The native Southerner in me always gets a little awed by the first snow. 🙂 At least until it snarls traffic!

I hope everyone has a great week!


12 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Vacation Week

  1. YAY for snow! Glad you had a wonderful vacation with loads of great memories!

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    I’ve spent many days at Disney with little kids. I very much consider it a workout too! Such great memories! The playgrounds always came in handy for letting the kids “loose” for a little while. I can’t wait to see my Fitbit numbers on our next trip in January. It will be the first time having it there. I appreciate you linking with us today! Enjoy your week back at home.

  3. We are happy you linked up with us! This is a perfect post too just for it! My family and I are headed to FL the week of Thanksgiving and we’ll be in Disney starting the Friday after. Your fitbit steps look about like mine we go from can to can’t and are up early and go to bed late for 3 days! We rest when we get back to work, lol!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your vacation and got in lots of activity too! Meal planning on the plane is a great idea. I’m surprised your yoga teacher didn’t say anything to that man, who was likely ruining the experience for others. 😦 Welcome home!

    • I think the muttering was quiet enough that only me and the person on the other side (who presumably dragged him there) heard him. It was a little entertaining. Thankfully I was there for the post-vacation stretch more than the zen.

  5. It’s fun to get away for a while, but it always nice to come back home. I couldn’t live where it snowed all the time. It is pretty, but I’ll take our light dusting every couple of years that shuts down schools and local businesses.

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