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Friday Favorites: A celebration of running!

on November 13, 2015

To celebrate this week’s Wine & Dine half marathon (and the end of my racing year), I have a round up of running articles that I’d been meaning to share for a while. These are a great resource for anyone looking to get started running or just get re-energized about running as the fall race season winds down.

First up, 10 reasons to run that have nothing to do with losing weight:  Especially in the doldrums of winter (looming ever nearer for me in Nebraska), we need to remind ourselves of all of the reasons we run. It’s especially important to remember the reasons other than weight loss as many of don’t exactly see the weight loss we were expecting when we run! However, even if running never helped me lose another pound, I’d keep at it for the endorphins, the sense of accomplishment and the time to myself. Which of these reasons resonates with you?

If you’re trying to figure out how to get better at running, we all think of running more miles but that isn’t always the answer. This off season, I’m actually looking at some of the other things on this list of “10 ways to be a better runner without logging miles” like really focusing on strength training and yoga. Now that I won’t be spending 2 hours on the weekend on a long run, let’s put that gym membership to good use! As a bonus, both of those activities keep me out of the winter weather. Win, win!  I’m also going to be better about practicing these yoga poses for recovery so that it becomes a natural progression to work through after a run.

Next year, I’m looking at going back to shorter distances for a bit to give my joints a little rest and since many people also start at the shorter distances, this round up of tips for the 5K seemed like a good one to share. Confession: This has been open on my phone in the stack of Safari tiles for MONTHS. I do like these tips, particularly the idea of covering the 5K course backwards (at least partly) as a warm up so you know what to expect when you get to the finish and can prepare yourself appropriately for a strong finish. I know that helped me at the Des Moines half marathon, since it gave me such a strong mental image of my finishing that race strong! (Is that bad grammar? I think it might be, but my initial typing of the word grammar as grammEr – which I did twice – would have been worse, yes?)

When this was the first thing I saw on race morning as I approached the corral, I knew it was an omen of a strong finish!

When this was the first thing I saw on race morning as I approached the corral, I knew it was an omen of a strong finish!

What are you running plans when fall race season is over? I’m sure I’ll run – I’ve weirdly learned to love running in the cold – and have registered for my usual New Years Day 5K, but beyond that I’m planning lots of time to reflect on what I want my running to look like in this post-lupus era.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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