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Friday Favorites: Race weekend!

on November 6, 2015

This weekend, I’m running my last half marathon of the year. It feels a little odd to know that I don’t have any immediate plans for another RunDisney race in the near future. Disney running has been a huge part of my running journey and a big motivation for me to start running (more on that here). I know I’ll be back for a Disney race again soon. In the meantime, I plan to soak up every moment of this weekend’s races. πŸ™‚ This is the lastΒ  year for the Osborne lights, so I’m particularly looking forward to running through those. Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World has a nice little post on the things I have to look forward to here. I’m also looking forward to the Animal Kingdom at night! Should be an adventure!

Somehow, at 4 years old, my son had never used BAR soap until last night. I had to show him how to use it and he kept telling me how COOL it was. I feel weirdly like a failure as a parent. :)

Somehow, at 4 years old, my son had never used BAR soap until last night. I had to show him how to use it and he kept telling me how COOL it was. I feel weirdly like a failure as a parent. πŸ™‚

Speaking of RunDisney, the Star Wars races have been a big addition to the Disney racing year. I did the Disneyland version last year (here) and this year, they’re adding a Dark Side series at DisneyWorld. Given this, it’s no surprise that a lot of people were excited to hear about the UnderArmour Star Wars series of tech gear – that is, until it was released with only men and boys items. Cue sad trombone and lots of angry women (and men). Check out more here and here. Fingers crossed, it looks like they’re going to be addressing this oversight and hopefully, it won’t all be pink.

Rebel Challenge Finisher!

Rebel Challenge Finisher!

One more bit of recent controversy: I’m sure you guys saw, either on the news or on Facebook, the news that “processed meats are as bad as cigarettes in terms of cancer risk.” The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer now classifies processed meats in the same group of cigarettes. From a common sense perspective, I confess it seems a little mind boggling. 50 grams of processed meat a day is essentially the two ounces of ham in a sandwich and the idea that my sandwich equates to smoking in terms of my cancer risk doesn’t seem quite right. Note: Technically, being the classified the same in this scale really just means that the scientific evidence that processed meat is bad is as strong as the evidence for tobacco, not that they have the same AMOUNT of risk. I have a hard time sometimes figuring out what to make of reports like these, but for now, I suppose I’ll look for something else to put in my sandwiches for lunch each day and hope that O’s love of fruit balances out his love of sausage. Otherwise, we don’t eat a lot of red meat and processed meat at home anyway and overall our diet includes a lot more “good” foods than bad. It’s all about balance and doing the best we can, right?

For a final bit of balance, check out Meg’s virtual Thanksgiving fun run. No fees, no registration, just an excuse to get out and get a little active on Thanksgiving, knowing that you’ll have a little virtual army (including me!) out with you in spirit and in miles that day.

Have a great weekend everyone!



9 responses to “Friday Favorites: Race weekend!

  1. Meg B says:

    Lately my boys have loved playing with the soap while in the tub. Yesterday C. tried to eat some of it. Maybe waiting until O. is for before introducing him to bar soap is not such a bad thing.


  2. Good luck this weekend! Hope you guys have a blast and good luck with the race!

  3. I’m laughing that your son didn’t know about bar soap! LOL!

    Good luck this weekend!

  4. […] as well as try out some gym classes. I may even take advantage of that free Black Friday thing I mentioned last week! While I’ll be tracking everything and continuing to work out, because I’m not […]

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