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November goals

on November 5, 2015

Today’s posting is late because it’s a travel day! Oliver and I are off to Florida for our races this weekend. We’ve safely arrived and he was a great traveler, especially considering how early our day started!

My little traveler!

My little traveler!

Between this trip at the beginning of the month and Thanksgiving at the end, November is going to FLY by. Thus, I’m keeping my goals for this month simple.

  1. Get back in the habit of weighing in and tracking: Now that I’m not training anymore for a race, it’s time to tighten up my diet a bit before I get into the distraction of the holidays. I’m firming up exactly what I want that to look like and we’ll talk about it a bit more next week.
  2. Walk after every meal: I want to be sure I don’t fall totally off the physical activity wagon now that I’m not training for a race anymore and I read a tip somewhere that walking as little as 7 minutes after every meal can be a huge help in terms of how your body processes its food. I certainly now that for me, a little walk after dinner was a HUGE help when I had gestational diabetes. Darrell doesn’t know this yet, but I’m roping him into this goal too. 🙂 Family walks!
  3. Take two classes at the gym: Now that I’m not tied to a running schedule quite so rigidly, I have time to do some other kinds of workouts. My goal for this month is to actually use my gym membership for something other than a treadmill and take two classes this month. I’m hoping I can find the schedule space to get back to Zumba. I used to love Zumba!
  4. Strength training: The perennial item on my to do list, I know, but the running off season is a good time to work that in. My goal is twice a week and I’m hoping that I can rope Darrell into helping me out to keep me a little more honest in this. Guys like weights, right?

On a non-fitness level, I’ve really enjoyed our family ritual of “what made me happy” today at dinner, so I’m making a goal of posting something I’m #thankful for on Instagram every day this month. So far, it’s gravitated to chocolate and wine, but it’s been a busy start to the month.

Last month, my goals really fell apart at the end of the month. Initially, I did well with snacking, drinking water and foam rolling but after the Des Moines race, I got super busy and things just fell apart! Hopefully, goal A above will help me get back on track. On the plus side, I did a good job with my goal of sticking to my training plan for the month. I did almost all of the workouts I’d planned for the month, from the taper to the night time training for Wine & Dine, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Do you bother making goals in busy holiday months like November and December? I find writing down goals keeps me from getting too far astray (but I have to be better about checking in with them!) so it’s especially important to help me start months full of holiday eating in the right mindset.

Fingers crossed for reasonable weather for our runs this weekend! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted!

7 responses to “November goals

  1. I haven’t written down my goals yet, but I’m taking care of that tonight! Love the goals, and the picture of Oliver is too cute!

  2. I do need to think on mine. Tennis is winding down until Feb so I need to get back on track with something in the meantime. Love your goals!

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