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Weekly Wrap-Up: Night time running

on November 2, 2015

It’s been an interesting week of workouts, with all of my runs occurring in the dark and in the cold (darn Nebraska!). Hopefully those workouts will help me get ready for this weekend’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Walt Disney World.


Monday 3 miles running in the dark and jumping at my own shadow šŸ™‚ I learned on this run that I need to be proactive about reflux before I run at night!

Streetlights in the suburbs give you entirely too many shadows!

Streetlights in the suburbs give you entirely too many shadows!

Tuesday 2 mile walk

Wednesday I had originally planned another night time run but Oliver had a restless night Tuesday so I was exhausted by the end of the day Wednesday. Staying up late to run held ZERO appeal! I walked a mile and did some yoga and strength training instead and called it good.

Thursday I was actually in the mood to run, but since I was doing my morning & evening run test on Friday, decided it was probably smarter to walk instead so another 2 miles were tackled.

Friday I woke up early and did a slow and easy 2 miles (14ish pace), to simulate the fact that my race day in Florida will start with the Jingle Jungle 5K. All day, I thought about eating to replicate my race day and set me up for a good night run, so I ate simple carbs, low fiber and drank plenty of water. Lunch was my biggest meal and I snacked after that on bagels, bananas and a small turkey sandwich at dinner time. I took a nap for two hours and then woke at 10 pm to get ready to run. At 10, I ate my usual pre-race breakfast of a bagel with peanut butter and a banana, took my Zantac and Tums and got out to run around 11 pm.

Once I got going, I felt surprisingly good. I was awake, my stomach wasn’t unhappy at any point and other than my legs feeling a little sore, I didn’t feel like it was particularly hard. I stopped at 7 miles rather than going to 8 because it was in the lower 40s with a “feels like” temp in the 30s thanks to the constant cold drizzle I’d been subjected to for the whole run. However, I definitely finished it feeling like I could keep going for another 7 miles, so I think I’ll be good for race day. Even after a low key run in the neighborhood and only 7 miles, I was WIRED when I got home. I can’t imagine what I’ll feel like after 2+ hours of Disney racing in the middle of the night. It took me at least an hour to get to sleep and despite that, I was up at my usual 6:30 Saturday morning. I ate a little something before I went to sleep (grapes, yogurt) but was still STARVING when I woke up Saturday.

Saturday, of course, also including lots of walking to feed the ducks in the morning and then head out trick or treating in the evening, so I even got to replicate my post-race day activity a bit as I’m sure I’ll do lots of walking Sunday after the race.

He went up to the houses by himself, big guy!

He went up to the houses by himself, big guy!

Sunday Walking for a couple of miles and some yoga to settle my nerves before hosting a little Magic Mike viewing party for some girls from work. I’m not really a party hoster, but I’ve got the biggest TV so introverted little old me got volunteered. I was anxious about it all week! My NSV this week is that I didn’t let those nerves drive me to binge (although I did drink more than maybe I should have just to help soothe my social nerves Sunday night).

Gorgeous evening for a walk to settle my nerves pre-party

Gorgeous evening for a walk to settle my nerves pre-party

This week, I’m just planning on lots of walking and maybe a little easy run on Tuesday. It’s going to be a lot warmer and more humid in Florida, so I’ll be sure to work on lots of hydrating in the latter part of the week.

I’m grateful this week to have gotten my reimbursement for my lost luggage from Lufthansa. I thought it would never arrive! My good deed this week (if we’re not counting hosting Magic Mike) is helping gather candy when the many little kids in my neighborhood crashed and spilled everything – yes, this happened more than once. Gotta love little kid excitement about candy. šŸ™‚

weekly wrap up

I’m joining Tricia and Holly for their weekly wrap-up. Thanks for hosting!

It’s a crazy week, adjusting to the time change, coming down from Halloween and getting ready for another race weekend. Here’s hoping you all have a smooth week easing into the time change! Anybody else have trouble adjusting this week?


11 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Night time running

  1. So far the time change has been ok, course it will be almost dark when I get off in a bit, but I am looking forward to running in the morning without a headlamp! I’m still trying to decide if I will take my dog with me. Looks like a great week for you. It will be quite different running in FL vs where you are what is one of the biggest challenges you think? The heat? Humidity? I’m curious. MS weather is close to FL except the temps should be a little warmer in Jan than here then. Thanks for linking up with us. Appreciate you and have a wonderful week!

  2. I realize that many people do wine & dine and that there are other night races. But you could have written about flying through the air like Peter Pan instead of your 11 p.m. run and I’d feel just as amazed. I know I keep saying this, but I just cannot imagine. You go!!! I cannot wait to hear how the race goes. I’ll be curious to hear whether you can go to sleep at all that night.

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    I am so impressed you practiced your race day and going for a run that late. I get what you say about the multiple shadows. I run (when not injured) in the early morning dark. I catch multiple street lights and make multiple shadows. Sometimes it spooks me because it looks like somebody coming up from behind. Good luck at Wine and Dine, Jessica! I can’t wait to hear about it. Thanks for linking up with us again!

  4. Meg B says:

    For me, I find myself getting hungry earlier than normal, so I’ve had to up my protein for my breakfast and snacks to help keep me full longer. I made homemade egg mcmuffins for breakfast this week and they are awesome. For my kids, oh goodness daylight savings is a beast. We had two very cranky boys yesterday by 6pm. And then lots of wake ups in the night, which happens when they go to bed later than normal. Sigh.

    Nice job on your runs and trick or treating walking and not bingeing because of nerves. Looking forward to hearing all about your race weekend!

  5. Great week of training! Way to go getting your run in at 11 o’clock at night. That is good practice for your Wine and Dine race.

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