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Weight Loss Wednesday: Surviving Halloween!

on October 28, 2015

I don’t yet if I’m going to be out on Trick or Treat duty with Oliver or home handing out candy, but I enjoy both options. I love seeing all of the kids in their costumes!

I'm not the crafty - we won this in the preK auction, but isn't it cute and Halloweeny?

I’m not this crafty – we won this in the preK auction, but isn’t it cute and Halloweeny?

I confess, from a healthy lifestyle perspective, going out for the actual trick or treating is much better for me. I’m walking and active, rather than sitting at home with a giant bowl of candy thinking “just one won’t hurt, will it?

My pieces (ha!) of Halloween advice:

1 – Choose a predetermined number of treats that fit your personal food plan and set them out at the beginning of the evening. After you eat them, leave the wrappers out to remind yourself of what you’ve already had!


2 – If you’ve got a candy that you know you can’t resist eating while you’re staring at it all night, DON’T BUY THAT KIND TO HAND OUT! There are lots of candy options. We skip SweetTarts and Skittles in our house because I LOVE them.

3 – Plan for a tray of healthy snacks to have on hand during the candy dispensing. It’s hard to make a real meal that works for Halloween with all of the coming and going, but plan ahead to have something healthy on hand so you don’t give in to fast food or something else you’ll regret during the festivities (like deciding a million Twix bars makes a balanced dinner).

4 – DON’T save your calories all day so you have room for more candy. Trust me, that will backfire. You don’t want to go into any situation with that much candy hungry.

5 – Have a plan for shutting things down after the holiday is over. For both adults wanting to avoid holiday weight gain and kids needing to avoid cavities, it’s better if Halloween is a one time event. The more we let the holiday bleed over to a few pieces of candy here and there for weeks and weeks, the worse things can be. You want to shut off that “holiday” mindset as soon as you can or else the entire period between Halloween and New Year’s turns into one big puddle of regret. For us, we gather up everything but a few favorites and bring it to work for the communal candy drawer. You might also think about programs where you turn the candy into the dentist for rewards or sending it overseas to troops.

6 – Rather focus on NOT having candy, focus on all of fun things you ARE going to do, like appreciating the costumes or your neighbors decorations or the warm mug of cider you’re going to have. Focus on the positives you’re getting from the experience, rather than the negative you’re avoiding.

Darrell's beheaded-head (?) face is quite convincing!

Darrell’s beheaded-head (?) face is quite convincing!

How do you get through the treat fest that is Halloween? I’m a little envious of people without a sweet tooth who manage this day without any trouble. Definitely not me! I think this might be the first year Oliver really understands what candy is, so wish us luck in keeping his candy intake to a reasonable level too!


10 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Surviving Halloween!

  1. Ohh you have an excellent plan there. I miss taking Devyn trick or treating so much. There will always be plenty of years to hand out candy. But O won’t always want to go trick or treating! (That’d be my choice!)

  2. Meg B says:

    Those sound like some excellent tips. I agree, I simply don’t buy the candy I like. I also like to go for a run on a day like Halloween or Thanksgiving, etc, just to get a little extra calorie burn. Not saying I plan on eating the calories, but it’s nice to have it in reserve.

  3. Great tips! We’re doing a trunk for trunk or treat at the kids’ school, so whatever candy is leftover will just be donated to the school. I will probably set aside a Reese’s cup (or two) to have later. Then ASAP, I’m going to dump half the kids’ candy when they aren’t looking… we went to a Halloween festival a couple of weekends ago, and they ate the candy so fast when we weren’t looking! Luckily it wasn’t a ton, but they still had more than I would have liked.

    I also like going for a run (or walk) on big food holidays… I made sure to do that last Thanksgiving, and it set a nice tone for the rest of the day.

  4. These are all great tips. I will definitely start doing that first one about leaving wrappers out to see how much I had. I have not even gone down the candy aisles, but just yesterday my husband was excited to tell me he bought a big bag of my favorite candy. Greeeeaaattt. What’s working well for me is having a date instead of a piece of candy. Dates are my new favorite that I discovered as a great high-carb pre-run snack this past training cycle, and a single one really satisfies my sweet tooth. Plus, they’re so sticky that I have to wash my hands after having one, so I’m less inclined to keep eating them. On Halloween we’ll be going to my family’s party, so I won’t have to deal with handing out candy and will instead give our bag to our neighbors to hand out. There will be candy at the party, but I’m going to take your suggestion and plan out what I will have and only have that. Your other good suggestion I’m going to do is to not buy more after Halloween. It’s hard to resist when it all goes on sale! But my WW leader once said, “Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it!”

  5. We always do the deal where we pick out 10 pieces each and keep them in baggies. It’s worked really well for us!

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