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Weekly Wrap-Up: Des Moines Half Marathon DONE!

on October 19, 2015

I can tell I worked hard at yesterday’s half marathon given how sore my legs are today. πŸ™‚ That’s a good feeling to take with you to work on Monday morning and the fact that I think that might make me slightly nuts. Know what else makes me slightly nuts? That I was excited enough to see that they corrected the spelling of this sign that I had to take a picture of it:

It's amazing how much one little letter changing made me happy.

It’s amazing how much one little letter changing made me happy.

Thankfully, O is used to the weird random-photo-taking part of having a blogger mommy.


Monday 2-3 miles on the schedule and I did a 2 mile walk with my family. I didn’t want to push it for my knee so close to race day, so I set a goal to walk most of this week’s planning miles to just keep moving.

Tuesday 3 miles, with some fartleks thrown in to keep things fun. This run really was fun! My legs felt so springy after a little rest and I felt like I was flying in those little speedy bursts.

Wednesday Some strength training and another family walk. Oliver really likes walking around the neighborhood after dinner and who am I to say no to such a healthy habit? Bonus of today: Rheumatology appointment and my weigh in was no longer in those scary 190s that prompted me to get back to tracking back in August! More on that coming up Wednesday.

Thursday Running on the schedule, 3 miles, but I decided to play it safe and just walk. I wanted to keep moving, but not overdo it and I think this ended up being a good choice.

Friday More walking! Also, lots of yoga stretches and foam rolling.

Saturday We had such a great day Saturday. O and I had a breakfast date early Saturday, followed by trips to the library and the grocery store. After lunch, we went for a family walk around the duck pond before I made the boring drive to Des Moines for the expo and packet pick up. Darrell and Oliver stayed behind, which was a little sad but I did at least get to bed at a reasonable hour and didn’t have as much trouble sleeping alone in the hotel room as I normally do.

Oliver loves visiting the geese even though he's a little terrified of them.

Oliver loves visiting the geese even though he’s a little terrified of them.

Sunday Gorgeous chilly race day! I’m glad I’d taken a closer look at the weather on Saturday before I headed out. The weather channel app had the high/low for Sunday in Des Moines listed as 50s/60s. I’d originally packed a shorter SparkleSkirt and a t-shirt to wear until I realized how chilly I was Saturday in Omaha in pants and took a closer look at the weather. The hourly forecast said it was going to be in the 30s when the race started in Des Moines!! Brrr!! I’m glad I double checked that. I’ll have a full race report tomorrow, but it was a great day all around from weather to my effort to the pleasant surprise of a new PR: 2:31:02.

I didn't look at my Garmin AT ALL during the race - I almost wish I had just I could have kicked those last few seconds off!

I didn’t look at my Garmin AT ALL during the race – I almost wish I had just I could have kicked those last few seconds off!

I’m grateful that I got through the race with no injuries or serious knee issues (achy, sure, but I could keep moving). My good deed was passing out compliments like candy while I was hanging out in the starting corral and along the early crowded parts of the course. πŸ™‚ There’s nothing like making somebody smile early in a race when you compliment their shirt or shoes or something to make everything feel a little easier. My NSV, which I’ll talk a little about Wednesday, was not letting a hitch in my dinner plan for Saturday night throw me off into binge territory like I was briefly worried it would!

All in all, it was a great week. This week, my plan is to walk every day to help with the soreness and keep moving. I have an untimed local 5K on Sunday morning and can hopefully wrangle Darrell into another yoga class Sunday too, but otherwise I’m taking it easy to let my legs recover. My next (and last for 2015!) half marathon is coming up November 7th, so I’ve got to keep my legs happy for a few more weeks.

I hope you all had a great week!

weekly wrap up

I’m joining Tricia and Holly for their weekly wrap-up. Thanks for hosting!


16 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Des Moines Half Marathon DONE!

  1. It all sounds good. You inspired me to go for a walk now. 😊

  2. Woohoo for a shiny new PR! So proud of you!

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    It sounds like your plan to not overdo it last week paid off huge at your race! How wonderful to set a new PR. Congratulations! I’m glad to know you had no serious knee problems. Mondays have always been “sore day” for me, whether running, racing, water skiing or just whatever. Soreness equals Monday in my book. LOL. Don’t forget to rest and enjoy your recovery week! I appreciate you linking up with us!

  4. Woohoo!!! So excited that you had a great race and got a new PR while honoring what your body was able to do. Can’t wait to read the recap!

  5. Yesssssssssssssss on that PR!! So proud of you!

  6. My husband is slowly catching onto the random photo taking for my blog too so that made me smile hearing you say that! I’m so happy to hear you did not have any knee problems in your race and a PR that is so awesome! Way to go!!! Enjoy your recovery week you so deserve it and thank you so much for linking up with us! πŸ™‚

  7. Debra says:

    Looks like a great week! Congrats on your new half marathon PR!

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