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Making a race day packing list

on October 15, 2015

T minus 3 days to race day!

Race day will be here in a blink! Today is a professionally stressful day (huge project being reviewed) so I’m in a huge bundle of nerves and making lists settles my nerves. It seems like a perfect time to make a race packing list and frankly, seriously overdue! I’ve usually got my packing list done a month before a trip and have started physically packing a couple of weeks before, even for little hops.

This is just an overnight trip to Des Moines, which is only a two hour drive away. It’s made both more and less complicated by the fact that I’m going alone without Darrell and Oliver. Less complicated in that I don’t have to worry about bringing kid stuff, but more complicated in that I’ll be making that two hour drive home by myself after the race. It may be hard to get out of the car thanks to stiff muscles!!

The drive home alone has definitely flavored my fledgling packing list. I divide my list into three bigs groups: Things I need before the race, Things I need during the race and Things I need AFTER the race.

Before the race:

– Water bottle (huge!) and Nuun to maximize hydration pre-race

– The Stick, to work out any list minute kinks

– Pre-race breakfast: I like to bring my own so there are no surprises
– Something to distract me while I sit alone in the hotel room Saturday night (in this case, a magazine and my laptop so I can do some work): I don’t want to bring an actual book that I might get too caught up in and end up unable to sleep!
Happily Real Simple just showed up in my mailbox - LOVE Real Simple :)

Happily Real Simple just showed up in my mailbox – LOVE Real Simple 🙂

– Chargers for phone & Garmin

– Hotel reservation info and my race registration info, so there are no glitches at packet pick up

Race day:

– Clothes & shoes & socks & sports bra: Seems obvious, but since I’ll be too far away from home to easily grab something I forget, I actually write these key things on the list.

– Gu for the race (including extra in case I drop one)

– Handheld water bottle & more Nuun

– Bodyglide

– Headphones

– iPhone / shuffle: I haven’t decided which I’m going to use for music, but I always have my iPhone just in case.

– Hat & Sunscreen: Those weren’t previously on the list, but need to be now thanks to the lupus

– Arm sleeves or a throwaway top, depending on the weather
Weather looks PERFECT so far!

Weather looks PERFECT so far!

– Garmin
– RoadID

(Check out this list from Another Mother Runner – I love that they also want you to pack confidence and belief in yourself!)

– Clean, warm clothes
– Body cream: I like to pamper myself after the post race shower with a nice scented body cream. It’s the little things.
This unabashedly girly option will be coming with me.

This unabashedly girly option will be coming with me.

– Vaseline: In case that post race shower finds some chafing that needs TLC.
– Compression socks: To help my legs out on the drive home.
– Snacks and drinks for the drive home: Especially alone, I’m not going to be going out for a big post race feast. I’ll probably get something to eat (important!) and then hit the road, so having snacks in case the hungries strike while I’m driving is going to be good. There’s nothing stomach friendly on the drive between Omaha and Des Moines.
– Band Aids: Just in case
– A cool wrap for my knee: Just in case it gets angry
Now I’ve just got to find a moment in busy mama life to actually pack these things!

Anybody else find making a list soothing? It definitely helps my mental monkeys!

4 responses to “Making a race day packing list

  1. Meg B says:

    I LOVE making lists. Makes me feel so much more prepared. Sounds like an excellent list. I like to think of fun post-race treat. Last half marathon I didn’t have anything at home and NOTHING sounded good so I ended up snacking on fritos which was a bad idea. This time around I am pondering some brie. I love me some brie!

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