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October goals (other than going ga-ga for fall!)

on October 1, 2015

I feel like I say this everything month, but I can’t believe it’s already October! Fortunately, October is possibly my favorite month of the year so I’m happy to see that it’s here. I just love the onset of fall! We’ve already been to the pumpkin patch and have a fall festival planned for this weekend, plus two Halloween events in town later this month. It’ll be lots of fun around here this month! We know we have to get out and enjoy everything we can now before we get snowed in. 🙂

O loves the pumpkin patch! More than pumpkins, there are lots of silly animatronics and games too!

O loves the pumpkin patch! More than pumpkins, there are lots of silly animatronics and games too!

My goals for September were small but mighty:

  • Tackle the tough month of training without injury: I took on bigger mileage, tougher “substance” runs and got through relatively intact. Even better, I feel so STRONG just getting all of this done. I know we always say that the race is the victory lap for the training, but it really does feel like I’ve achieved a lot just getting through this training cycle. I’ve loved it, even though it is hard. I might be nuts. 🙂 I have not done as well with strength training or foam rolling as I’d like, but did step it up again here at the end of the month when I noticed some tightness in my IT band. Thanks to the hallway yoga I do during bath time, I have been able to stay fairly flexible through it all.
  • Work on improving my nutrition to support my running: My weight had gone up almost ten pounds over the summer, which a) doesn’t help my running from a sheer physics perspective and b) reflected a creep of less-than-optimal food and snack choices into my days. I think I’ve done well overall this month in terms of balancing tracking on the weekdays, reining in that snacking, and still making good food choices without tracking on the weekend. My trip this week involved a lot of social stress (networking sucks for introverts) and some pressure, so I did do some snacking that I shouldn’t have just because it was feeding something other than real hunger. I’m happy to say I’m back to tracking this morning.
  • Mini-meditations to manage stress: I think if I’d kept this in mind better through this week, I might have been able to distract myself from the snacking. While I haven’t been perfect about it every day, I’ve definitely done this more this month than ever before and really noticed a difference on the days I did the breathing exercises several times through the day.

So what are my goals for October? October includes several social events for fall and Halloween, but no huge travel. It also includes one half marathon (Des Moines) and transition time to the second half marathon of the fall (Wine and Dine) in early November. Those things are shaping my goals for the month.

  • First and most importantly, I’ve got to drink more water! Since my dentist told me to stop drinking water with lemon to protect my enamel, I’ve really fallen out of the habit of drinking water. With two races coming up, I know staying hydrated is going to be hugely important. I also know, for me, adding water is one of those healthy habits that subtly signals me to stick to my healthy game overall. My goal is 80 oz a day and I’m working with the Lovely Ladies Losing Group for accountability.
I'm at 34 oz out of 80 so far today - gotta step it up! (Also, need to bring my refillable bottle up to the office)

I’m at 34 oz out of 80 so far today – gotta step it up! (Also, need to bring my refillable bottle up to the office)

  • Stay on top of snacking: More concretely, no unplanned snacking. I plan for snacks throughout the day to keep my energy up and particular snacks for pre- and post-run snacks. I find myself giving in far too often to the urge to pick up an extra snack on the way home from work or at bedtime. I won’t lie – I’d like to lose a few more pounds this month, but I’m not setting that as a goal. I’m experienced enough to know that the way I’ll be eating and running this month means I won’t be able to predict what the scale does. Instead, I’ll focus on the inputs I can control, not the outputs I can’t. That means reining in the snacks, a key starting point.
  • Put the foam roller by the bed: Or somewhere I’m literally tripping over it! I need to keep my legs healthy and safe, so I need to roll every day even through taper time and the Wine & Dine training.
  • Stick to this month’s training plan: I need to respect the taper and cut back without cutting off my running. I also need to respect that even though I don’t have a big goal for the Wine & Dine half marathon other than having fun, I do need to recognize that it requires at least some training.

One thing we did last month that I didn’t really include on the goals list was taking a moment to say what we were grateful for or something good that happened in our day at dinner each night. I love that this little habit took hold well enough that O has started leading it off without prompting when we all sit down for dinner together. His default is usually “this lovely meal mama has cooked,” which is cute. I’d definitely like to keep that up. A little positivity when we all gather together is a good thing in this world, I think. 🙂

What are you goals for October? Do you have any big events on the horizon?

13 responses to “October goals (other than going ga-ga for fall!)

  1. Meg B says:

    Sound like awesome goals to me!

  2. Aw, I love the dinner table gratitude… if I ever get mine cleared off I’m totally using that idea 🙂

  3. has2run says:

    My goals are to bake 25 more recipes, run injury free, drink more water. I usually make my son say something he is grateful for everyday. Thanks for sharing

  4. You did great with training in September! Here’s to another good month!

    • Fingers crossed! I’m finding my mojo a little lacking now that I’m so close to the end. Too many other fund distractions this time of year!

      On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 10:16 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  5. Anna says:

    i love that your are not all about “i must lose this weight”, but instead improving your overall health and fueling yourself to be your best 🙂

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  7. […] month, my goals really fell apart at the end of the month. Initially, I did well with snacking, drinking water and […]

  8. […] it is not surprising that I had a hard time meeting goals but given that I also struggled with my October goals, I think this is a good time to give myself a shake and finish strong. I do sometimes question the […]

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