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Weight Loss Wednesday: Planner as weight loss tool

on September 30, 2015

No weigh in this Wednesday, as I’m on the road and hopefully flying home to Omaha from North Carolina today. Aside from big hair thanks to humidity and a blister from walking too much in heels this morning, it has been a great trip.

As I was working on some things in the hotel room last night, I was struck by the fact that despite my two iPhones (one for work, one personal), iPad and Windows Surface tablet/laptop, I still bring my big old school planner with me pretty much everywhere I go. Not only does it help me keep track of a lot of work and personal tasks, I also find it key in helping me manage my weight, my fitness and my other healthy lifestyle goals.

There's just something I love about putting pen to paper when I'm planning.

There’s just something I love about putting pen to paper when I’m planning.

Here are just a few of the ways I find it helpful:

  • I have a meal plan row in my planner (7 rows for each day of the week, that I got to customize). I love being able to see what’s going on that day and jot down the meal that works best with my time limitations or the kind of workout I’m going to do. It also helps when I’m making a shopping list, to have the meals planned out and know what I need at what point during the week.
I like having entries for all of the balls I have to juggle: work, family, personal, meal plans, workouts, etc.

I like having entries for all of the balls I have to juggle: work, family, personal, meal plans, workouts, etc. It’s emptier than usual this week because I’m traveling.

  • I also have a workout row, so I can make note of what is on the training plan and be sure I can fit it into the rest of my day. Having this in the same place as all of my other responsibilities makes it easier to plan for how early I need to get up or what I may need to move around to get it all done.  Scheduling my workouts just like I schedule meetings for work or doctors appointments helps keep me accountable.
  • Every month starts with a blank page for notes and that’s actually where I keep my goals for the month listed, along with any big projects I need to tackle. As I’m looking at that page all the time to be sure I don’t lose track of those big work projects, it also helps to remind me constantly of my other goals. In particular, seeing the “deep breathing exercise” goal for this month has made me stop and do the breathing every time I flip to that page, which has helped me to do that several times a day (I’m constantly in my planner).
  • There’s also a “month at a glance” big calendar at the beginning of each month, which I’ve used as a place to track my sticker chart when I’m working on a new habit (yes, I use stickers just like O). I have a little pocket in the back of the planner where I keep my stickers handy. 🙂

I think giving my health and fitness goals equal page space with all of my other responsibilities helps me to remember that I have those commitments and responsibilities to keep to myself and that’s just as important as the commitments I make to other people. Also the act of writing rather than typing something into a calendar somehow makes it stick more for me, so I find I’m much more likely to keep those things I’ve written in the planner in the forefront of my mind rather than the things I just type into the phone.

Do you use an old school planner? Do you use it to help keep your fitness and weight goals on track? Share any tips you may have for keeping those things on your radar in the midst of our busy lives!


6 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Planner as weight loss tool

  1. I use an old school planner for all my Beachbody scheduling, a google calendar for scheduling my workouts/ work/ church events, and Plan to Eat for my meal planning!

  2. Funny you should post this, I just ordered a brand new amazing planner for myself. It’s hard to find one that has space for everything I want to track, but I think this one will do it! It’s called the Day Designer.

    What you said about the act of writing is exactly why I also keep a paper food journal. It just seems more “real” if I have to actually write it down!

  3. […] in my priorities. I’ve written more about that kind of scheduling and detailing here and here if you want to read more about what that really looks like for me. There are lots of things going […]

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