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Weight Loss Wednesday: Routines

on September 23, 2015

September means back to school time and I’ve seen lots of articles in parenting magazines and online about easing everyone back into a routine. We’re currently working on re-settling O into his good nighttime routine, since he got a little out of whack with his sleeping with the stress of starting “real” school (pre-kindergarten). We’ve broken out yet another sticker chart:

Oliver would do anything for a sticker chart - I should get him to work on curing cancer or picking winning lottery numbers or something.

Oliver would do anything for a sticker chart – I should get him to work on curing cancer or picking winning lottery numbers or something.

This got me thinking about other routines we have and how they can help (or hurt) our attempts to lose or maintain weight.

-I’m always more successful with exercise when I get it done first thing in the morning. If I wait until later in the day, distractions and delays pile up, I get tired, I find a thousand excuses . . . you get the picture. If I’m going to work out in the morning, a few routines make it easier: 1) Lay out the clothes and gear I need so I don’t have to think about it; 2) Get everything ready for breakfast for me and my family the night before, so I don’t have that delaying tactic; and 3) Look at the training plan the night before so I know exactly what I’m supposed to do. I confess I sometimes take a screenshot of it so when my sleep fogged brain can’t remember what I’m doing that day, I can quickly find it on my phone.

– I tend to be routine with my food, in terms of eating the same breakfasts or lunches during the week. This helps me streamline prep in the evening for the next day, as I do a lot of breakfast prep and make lunches before we go to bed. It also means I generally have a good idea where I am in terms of calories for the day. I can make a quick decision about whether or not to have hibachi for dinner on a Monday night (coupon was expiring) based on how many calories I have for dinner without looking at the phone. I can bypass the doughnuts on the counter because I know I DON’T have calories for that. Eating the same foods frequently for breakfast and lunch lets me have variety with dinners, but not have to make so many choices otherwise. After all, the more choices I make, the more likely I am to make a less-than-good choice.

– My weekend routine is VERY consistent too: Breakfast with O on Saturday, where we plan meals for the week together (his votes can be funny but I want him to be part of it) and then a trip to HyVee to shop for the week. Run on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, long run in the morning and meal prep for the week in the evening. And mountains and mountains of laundry all throughout 🙂 It helps to have a well-established weekend routine that focuses on a lot of healthy habits, in that I don’t struggle as much with the temptations and lack of structure that weekends bring.

Using my weekend time to get ready for the busy work week is a HUGE help. I had a stay-at-home mom friend point out that her days were a lot less rushed than mine and it definitely made me smile. Getting our routine things done quickly and efficiently definitely helps free up valuable quality time so I can linger over breakfast with O or read with Darrell at night, so it is totally worth a bit of “rush” during those routine things.

We tend to read light stuff to wind down at the end of the day. There's something great about reading aloud for two book nerds.

We tend to read light stuff to wind down at the end of the day. There’s something great about reading aloud for two book nerds.

Yoga in the hallway during bath time has become a nice new routine in this training cycle. 🙂 Darrell does bath time because O doesn’t trust me with the hot water (I have NO idea why), so I hang out in the hallway and get my stretch on while Darrell does the hard work of kid scrubbing amidst all of the chatting and giggling we’re all doing. Have I mentioned before that I married well?

 – There are some routine things that I’m trying to work on as well, because they’re less helpful. Snacking at bedtime (“It’s 9 pm – I must be hungry!”) and on the way home from the work were definitely not something I needed, so I’m working on those – fairly successfully so far this month!
What routines make up your day? Are they helping or hindering your healthy lifestyle efforts?

6 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Routines

  1. Meg B says:

    Love the bath time routine. I am going to try the meal suggestions. I usually do it on Saturday too but getting input, even crazy input, from the boys would help. They like cooking now so that should be fun!
    I do baths while my husband cleans up the destroyed living room. Then when the boys are ready to get out we all start yelling “Dada!” until he comes and scoops up a kiddo to get him in his pjs. The boys get a kick out of it.

  2. One of the gazillion reasons I’m thrilled about my husband’s new job is that he’ll have a much more regular, predictable schedule. I hope to be able to implement more routine in our household. It seems like it would help alleviate a lot of the day-to-day stress we have!

  3. Great idea to review routines. I need to do that too since mine vary by season. With eating, I tend to graze on fresh fruits & veggies on summer & cook more in fall & winter. I need to start planning good fall meals!

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