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Tuesdays on the Run: Looking to a back-to-back race

on September 22, 2015

Today is registration day for the newly announced “Dark Side” Star Wars race at Walt Disney World, so good luck to all of you trying to get in! I loved my experience at the Star Wars race in Disneyland and I’m sure the WDW experience won’t disappoint. I’ve met the vacation budget for the year, so this one isn’t on my radar, sadly. However, thinking about this today did remind me that I do have another RunDisney race on my calendar: the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 7.

Right now, my training is focused on the Des Moines Half Marathon on October 18th and I haven’t really worried about Wine and Dine. However, with only 3 weeks and 2 weekends between those two races, I need to make a plan for training between the two. I want to be sure to allow adequate time to recover from Des Moines, since that is my “goal” race and I will definitely be pushing harder for that 13.1 miles than I will Wine and Dine. My current goal for Des Moines, which may still change, is to maintain consistent effort throughout the race and not putz out at the end like I did last time I ran this race (it got narrow, I got discouraged, I walked with less than a quarter mile to the finish!!). My current half marathon PR is 2:32:48, set at Des Moines last year. I’d love to beat that time and actually had the goal this year to run sub-2:30, but since the lupus, I’ve taken that off the table. Rather than seeing that as a bad thing, I think I’ll just view it as PRs for different phases of my life. This race, as my first post-lupus race, will set the PR for my post-lupus era and I’ll have a new target for improvement.

A perk of a hilly course was the ability to see the photographer before I got there so I could be sure a) I was smiling and b) I was running. :)

A perk of a hilly course in Papillion was the ability to see the photographer before I got there so I could be sure a) I was smiling and b) I was running. 🙂


When I did the Lincoln and Papillion half marathons in May, I had a similar back to back race schedule. It was a little more compressed, with just two weeks and one weekend between the two races. I looked back at those two weeks this morning and realized I ran a whopping 3 times in the 2 weeks between those races, with my longest run 4.75 miles. My Lincoln training carried me through both half marathons without much difficulty. The key was having no real pressure or time goals for the second race. To a large extent, that’s my approach to the Wine and Dine half marathon as well. I’m looking forward to that course and who knows how long I’ll linger in the Osborne Lights since this is the last year they’ll be up at Hollywood Studios (see more on that here). Thus, I have ZERO time goal for the Wine and Dine half marathon other than finishing without being swept and getting my half marathon medal and Coast to Coast medals. However, even without a time goal, this race has a built in extra level of challenge: It starts after 10 pm. Thus, I’m going to have to figure out how to start a half marathon around my normal bedtime, fuel that day so my stomach doesn’t rebel in the middle of the night (my stomach has never done well with night runs) and oh yeah, rest well enough between the Jingle Jungle 5K and kids’ races in the morning before the race that night.

Since I won’t be rushing the 5K (planning lots of pictures), I’m hoping that last bit won’t be a big deal, but I definitely need to practice the first two issues. My plan for training between the two races is this:

Week one – 10/19-10/25

  • Walk on the weekdays to recover from the Des Moines half marathon and run a 5K on 10/25 (already scheduled).

Week two – 10/26-11/1

  • Run 3-4 miles at 9 pm on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Run 2 miles Friday morning, followed by 7-8 miles at 10 pm Friday night. I’d prefer to do my practice night run on Saturday night, but since Saturday night is Halloween, that might not be the safest option.
  • On Sunday night, I’ll run 3-4 miles at 9 pm.
  • This will give me lots of chances to get my body used to running at night, even if they are a lot of short runs.
  • The Friday run lets me practice running twice in a day and practice fueling. On the plus side, I’ll be in my office a lot of Friday so I can practice resting too since I sit a lot some days. For food, I’ll plan on a bigger breakfast and lunch that day, with easily digestible snacks from lunch onwards with no big dinner. I’ll also practice with snacks I’m likely to have readily available in Disney, like LaraBars and plain bagels.

Week three – 11/2-11/7

  • Tuesday evening, I’ll do one more 9 pm 3 miler with some fartleks thrown in.
  • Otherwise, I’ll plan on walking the other days of the week to rest a bit before the races.

Have you run overnight races? How did you get ready?

Today’s Tuesday on the Run topic was anything goes. Be sure to check out the rest of the link up to see what everyone else is up to. Thanks as always to April, Patty and Erika for hosting!


8 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: Looking to a back-to-back race

  1. Kim Hatting says:

    Hey there! I’m also going to be at the Des Moines Half marathon! This is my 5th time running the half (I did the full last year). Are you also doing the 5K combo (on Saturday)? I love the course…flat and lots of great scenery! Good luck!!!

  2. Wow, I am impressed with your planning! Can you teach a class on that? 😛

  3. Wait, the half marathon starts at 10 PM???? There is no way I could stay awake to even get to the starting line, let alone run it! I give you a lot of credit for taking on that challenge!

  4. […] for fall and Halloween, but no huge travel. It also includes one half marathon (Des Moines) and transition time to the second half marathon of the fall (Wine and Dine) in early November. Those things are shaping my goals for the […]

  5. […] running 13.1 miles in the middle of the night is a little mind boggling. My plan, like I outlined here, is to do a couple of short evening runs this week and then on Friday, do a mini-test of the actual […]

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