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Friday Favorites: Crazy week with no time to run . . .

on September 18, 2015

. . . So naturally everything I’ve been reading while I’m in the elevator, waiting on phone calls, etc has been running related. It’s not that I haven’t run at all, but with less workouts and less intense workouts, I haven’t thought about it as much as usual in terms of fitting the workouts in and apparently my brain misses that? Who knew. Runner brains get crazy I guess. Regardless, here are some of my favorite running posts I’ve read this week:

  • How to balance marathon training and relationships (The Runner Beans): I definitely use a lot of these tips, including planning vacations around races (yay for RunDisney!) and running before anyone else is up. I also agree that family events take priority – lots of runs have been moved or cancelled because my precious family time comes first. I particularly like the bit about not talking about running all the time with your partner/family. πŸ™‚ That’s definitely a perk of having a blog to share those thoughts!
  • In defense of running solo (Women’s Running, T Rex Runner): As an introvert, I LOVE to run alone and have no real interest in running with other people unless it is a race, but sometimes get funny looks about this from other runners. Like this article points out, I also love the flexibility and control I have when I run alone: I determine the pace, the location, the length without considering anyone else. With a schedule as busy as mine, that’s HUGE.
  • Being cautious while running solo (MissSippiPiddlin): While I like to run alone, I know I’ve also got to be careful and as such, I appreciated Tricia’s take on their word of the week: cautious. I always have my phone and let my husband know where I’ll be running and how long I’ll be gone. There are certain places I run where I’m sure to carry my pepper spray and I’m always watchful of my surroundings, even in my own neighborhood. Stay safe everyone!
  • An open letter to a first time marathoner (We Run Disney): I loved Christine’s advice to her friend tackling a marathon for the first time and think it applies in a lot ways to ANY distance. Her tips on training plans, fueling and setting realistic goals for your first race are right on and the last bit about wanting to quit – GOLDEN. We all want to quit at some point. It’s totally normal. Just push through it (assuming you’re physically hurt) and you’ll be tackling that finish line before you know it. πŸ™‚
  • A simple, effective playground workout (MommyRunFast): Last but not least, as a busy runner who struggles to get strength training in, I definitely pinned this post from Laura with a workout I can do while O is playing on the playground. So I may get some funny looks from the other moms – at least I’ll get it done!

I’m working all weekend and counting the days until I’m off call and can reward myself with a BIG glass of wine:

This will be filled to the brim when I go off call Monday!

This will be filled to the brim when I go off call Monday!

Anybody have exciting plans this weekend? Do share so I can live vicariously through you!




4 responses to “Friday Favorites: Crazy week with no time to run . . .

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Thanks for sharing! Hope your weekend goes quickly and smoothly so you can soon enjoy that wine. πŸ™‚

  2. I too am a solo runner, and people seem surprised by that. It’s like, who the hell wants to gab when your lungs feel like they are being squeezed lol.

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